Totally adorable and had to have it! Sac Baxter PM

  1. Sac Baxter PM $1360
    eve.jpg evie.jpg
  2. OMG!!! Your dog is adorable!! Congrats on the bag!
  3. OMFG you have the cutest dog in the cutest bag....and your dog seems a bit snubby in his/her vuitton lol...
    congrats it's wonderful!!!!!!!
  4. OH MY GOD...bag and dog is adorable..:p:tup:
  5. Loooove the doggie modeling picture - so cute ! :yes:
  6. Now that is a doggie bag! The cutest thing I have seen in a long time!
  7. Awwwww!!!! adorable.. :biggrin::biggrin: congrats!
  8. OMG! Fur baby is totally adorable and thanks for modeling the bag!
  9. Your pup looks right at home. How cute. Thanks for sharing!
  10. SOOOOOOO cute, congratz!!!
  11. OMG Too cute for words!!
  12. Ack! So cute!
  13. Thanks everyone! This bag is so cute and it also kind of looks like a regular handbag. A little concerned though since little eve is a puke baby - hope she doesn't puke in the bag!
  14. Your dog is really cute as well as your bag. :flowers:

    Congrats on your great buy! :tup:
  15. awww thats SO cute!! congrats :biggrin: