Total Up The Cost Of All Lamb Items

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  1. After you get the total..what would you have used the money for if you didnt buy the LAMB items?:confused1:
  2. cute avatar!! Oh my gosh that is scary it would probably be some insane amount. That's a good question though..
  3. ^^thanks..good thing you cant see a close up (LOL) I was thinking the question so I posted it...i need to calculate.
  4. i was gonna do it to compare how much i paid vs retail and see how much i save.. but i'm kinda lazy + afraid to see the total.. :lol:
  5. $2005.00....I would probably bought the cc chanel earrings that I have been wanting, tressje asher bag, and some tory burch reva in a cute color..and the rest would be in my account.
  6. Oh lord, I don't even want to think about it.
  7. OKKKKKKKKKKKK, I guess this was a baaaaddd idea... (LOL)
  8. lol that would depress me to no end. I know I've saved over 1k so I don't even wanna know what I've actually spent!
  9. Hey we sell the Asher at my store!
    Tressje is AMAZING!:tup:
  10. over 10k for me.

    Ive been collecting lamb since 2004, and I have 36 Lamb hoodies, a lot are cashmere, 12 pairs of shoes, 8 lesportsac lambs (Some paid over retail for!) 6-7 Lux lambs, scarfs, sweats, 2345678 tee's...... you get the idea!

    I live lamb.
  11. I would love a scarf.. 36 hoodies wecos? damn! If LAMB sweats were the same price as Victoria secret PINK sweats I guess I would have 36 too..YOU GO BOY! I PM'd you.
  12. hahah, i dont think ive ever paid retail for a single lamb item! If that makes it ok...hahah

    I can fit into a size XS up to a L... they just fit differently, but I find that most of the hoodies dont fit all that different!

    I got your pm and RSPV'd!:okay:
  13. where are you finding them at a discount?
  14. End of season sales, sample sale....the like.
    Some arnt a LOT off retail, but its still something!
  15. Jeez... this sounds like it might hurt... *laugh*

    I've saved over $1k by buying all of my bags on sale.