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  1. "hose the nose" LMAO!

    Those are great.

    However, I do like Tommy Bahama shirts. :shrugs: Of course, they have their time and place.
  2. Very funny!
  3. Sadly, my DH clips his cell phone to his belt and carries his overfilled wallet in his back pocket, he refuses to stop. I think he needs an intervention. :cry:
  4. Funny..except the bluetooth headset...I mean give me a break, with hands free driving laws here in CA (and many other states), bluetooth just makes sense.
  5. pretty funny
  6. This is very funny. I very much agree with the backwards baseball cap and nose hair, which has always grossed me out. I always felt that the cell phone on a belt was more of a geek thing though.

    I would like to add guys in flip flops except as beach wear.
  7. Shoot, my brother has been known to wear a cellphone on his belt and an all-purpose tool thingy. But hey, he works in IT. He IS a geek and needs all that junk. And also, I doubt anyone would look to him as a fashion icon and he could care less.

    Green crocs, unless a guy is two years old, no way! Yuck.
  8. whats a toolbag, or a when someone says he's a tool... I think I know but could be wrong...
  9. I was eyeing an otherwise attractive and well-dressed guy at a restaurant last night...and then he got up and had on YELLOW CROCS.

    Needless to say, I stopped eyeing.
  10. lol!
  11. hahaha! I'd that too!