total shock! new baby in the family

  1. my cousin has been having some mental health problems and his girl friend (tiny little petite girl) broke up with him in february. she had been having some bad stomach pains and was admitted to hospital last month and told she was 8 months pregnant! not showing at all.
    she had an adorable little girl this morning 6lb 40z, no name yet. its brought them back together but not in a relationship just to care for their new baby.
    i feel so sorry for her and its such a tricky situation but both are doing well and she is so happy!
  2. Aww Congrats! Thats coo crazy i hope i dont show lol! ya rite! Go0d Luck to your cousin and the mom!
  3. Auwww... I love baby news! Congrats to your cuz & the baby's mummy. Hope that they can at least be a loving & supporting family unit...for the baby's sake.
  4. That's really nice! I wish I was 8 months preggers before realising it :smile:)
  5. it's amazing whenever i read about girls being pregnant and doesn't show + they do not know they are pregnant. hope they are handling parenthood well as they didn't have much time to be prepared before the baby arrives. so glad that the mother is happy :smile:.
  6. Congratulations!
  7. Wow! I always hear of things like this but find it hard to believe!

    Thanks for confirming that it actually happens!

    Hope the baby is well.
  8. I know someone who got pregnant when she was 17 (my brother's ex-girlfriend - this happened before they met). She had a really bad relationship with her family, so never mentioned it. She apparently never got very big, though she said a little bigger. She went into labor in the middle of winter in Wisconsin, and her car was snowed in. When she went to wake her dad up to take her to the hospital because she was in labor and couldn't get her car out, he said, "You're not pregnant, go back to bed."

    However, she, at least, did know she was pregnant. Now that I am pregnant, I still don't see how anyone could get to 8 months without knowing. There's just too much weird stuff going on with your body during that time to not think....gee, something is up here...
  9. i did find it a little odd that a grown woman could not tell she was pregnant, she jut thought she was sick and was having VERY light periods.
    mother and baby are home now and doing well, theyv called her kate.
  10. I'm glad that she's happy and little Kate is doing well. Hopefully they'll get lots of support and love. I wish them all the best!
  11. Congratulations to both mommy and baby!

    I do wonder though to what she may have attributed the baby's movements and kicks.... I know I've been feeling the twins move like little fiends lately (and this will only get stronger) and if I didn't know I was pregnant I'd probably be in the emergency psych ward claiming that my body has been taken over by aliens :nuts::borg::borg1::hrmm:

    All that matters though is that both mommy and baby are at home now --happy and healthy.
  12. Congratulations! This is such a crazy story. Best wishes to them.