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  1. walked into the store and walked out with a blueberry colored hook bag for $514.00 down from $1250.00...its the most adorable little bag!!!! :yahoo:
  2. What store?? Did they have any other bbags??? Post some pictures i know it's beautiful!!
  3. ^ Nordstroms in sacramento, CA.
    Was passing through from my weekend in Lake tahoe snow boarding!!

    no other bbags that I saw. But the blueberry was sitting there all alone and I checked the tag and it was a second markdown. $1250 > $749 > $514 I totally grabbed it and skipped to the register HAHA
  4. Congrats! Post pics!
  5. Congrats....that's a REALLY GOOD DEAL!!! I love blueberry color.
  6. wow great deal! congrats! post pics, i bet is looooovely!!!!
  7. Congrats on the great deal!!!!

    hehe congrats!
  9. I just love it when my PF girls find deals like that!

    NM Scottsdale had some whistle bags marked down to a little over $500 today, one was a big one...didnt like it though.
  10. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Super deal ! Please post pics!
  12. 0o0o congrats on your awesome score!!!
  13. the original price was actually $1295.00 NOT $1250.00....YAY!

    oh donna, I not fond of the whistle bags either...but the hook bags are soo cute..with the silver it that edge.

    posting pics in a few minutes!
  14. ^^^ sorry, dont have my USB cord with me. So ill post them tommorrow night :sad:
  15. Oh CONGRATS!!!...Tts a total S.C.O.R.E :drool: