Total number of Goyard handbags/travel bags/accessories on tPF

  1. Navy St Louis PM from me that makes 92!
  2. black fidji
    total = 93
  3. Thrilled to add a Navy Fidji=94
  4. I never added my Black/Tan cardcase- 95
  5. Green St. Louis PM = 96
  6. Black/tan St. Louis PM


    (hopefully I can add a GM soon!)
  7. St Louis GM orange + St Louis PM yellow... brings total to 99! Can we find the 100th?
  8. Mine, Mine, Mine ~ Saint Louis GM Black with Black Trim = 100th :yahoo:
  9. I havent received them yet,
    Black Fidji
    Pink St Louis GM
    Green St Louis PM
  10. Adding my brand new black/black St. Louis PM:heart:!
  11. Green St Louis GM = 105:biggrin:
  12. My white St. Louis PM....106!
  13. Add one more white St. Louis PM = 107:love:
  14. Adding my new green St. Louis GM = 108
  15. Wow! Look how far we've come! I see the St. Louis is REALLY popular.