Total number of Goyard handbags/travel bags/accessories on tPF

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  1. Black on black monogram pm St. Louis

    Black on Black zippy wallet

    Black on Black gm St. Louis

  2. adding Lexgal's to the previous total by MrVuitton = 468:smile:

    and counting my St. Louis PM Black/Black


    I hope I can add more soon:P
  3. 471 for St Louis! Just got a GM Burgundy and PM Black/Black... :biggrin:
  4. 473
    St Louis Red GM
    St Louis Black PM
  5. 1 St. Louis Med. Black with black trim and beige and bright bluish/purple diagonal stripe.
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1385221233.652258.jpg
    I owned 8 GOYARD st.louis
  7. Adding in babs1 goyard, and jen1114 8 goyards we are at 482.

    + 483. I own a Navy St. Louis GM which I adore.
  8. 484 I have a navy St. Louis. Just put it away for the winter.
  9. St. Louis PM Tote
    Matignon Wallet
    credit card wallet (I think it's Saint Sulpice?)

    Camera bag
    Cat bag
    St. Louis GM

  10. 489. St. Louis PM in black
  11. St. Louis in green
  12. so counting Lexgal we have a total of 490 so far!

    Remember to add to the total posted on previous posts when you post your fab Goyard(s) :smile:
  13. Ill jump in here, just ordered my first, a St Marc. so 491!
  14. 492! My lovely St. Louis GM in grey just arrived this afternoon, and I am in love!! Will post pictures tomorrow--I tried to take some tonight but the light is just awful in the house.
  15. Sorry to add this comment here, but QUICK question - may I ask for the price of the marc card holder? Thank you :smile:
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