Total number of Goyard handbags/travel bags/accessories on tPF

  1. Love your Goyard Collection Brontski!
  2. St. Louis pm - black/tan - 388
  3. sorry
  4. Black Fidji
    Black PM Jersey
    Green Varenne
    Red coin purse

    Total 392
  5. St louis pm in bordeaux
  6. -Buisness Card holder- Red

    - Bi-fold wallet- Navy Blue
  7. St Louis PM Black with natural leather trim
  8. Forgot to post from Barney's event

    Blue pouch with silver shark

    = 397
  9. red Rivoli = 398
  10. Goyard Volitare ( Silver / Black Personalization)
    Goyard Sac Marie Galante
    Goyard St louis PM

  11. Sounds beautiful. I'm getting a Senat pouch can't decide on color. Can you takes pics of yours?
  12. Black St. Lucie
    Black/tan Ambassade
    Navy wallet
    Red card case

    Total ==>405
  13. Black Large Pouch with black trim
    The Clutch with the wood trim
    Small wallet
    Large wallet fold over in orange
    St Louis GM Tote in Orange
    St Louis GM in Black with natural leather trim
  14. So that's 411

    And I will add:
    St Louis GM black w/black trim
    Croisiere 45 black w/ black handles, tan trim and navy blue and red stripe

    Total: 413!
  15. St. Louis GM black with natural leather trim