Total number of Goyard handbags/travel bags/accessories on tPF

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  1. This is one of my favorite threads in the BV subforum. Let's start one here for our Goyards! I'm so excited about all of the recent Goyard chatter.

    List your bags, accessories - anything Goyard!

    I'll start.

    1 Black Fidji
    1 Black St. Louis Pochette (pochette only)

    Total: 2

    Ok, who's next? Please add to my 2.
  2. black fidji

    total: 3
  3. White St. Louis GM

    total: 4
  4. Zippe PM
    Sainte Marie GM

    Total - 6
  5. Red Fidji
    Black St.Louis GM
    Pink Folding card case
    Black card case
    Black Boeing 65(Mine and my BF's)

    Total: 11
  6. Black Okinawa PM

    Total: 12
  7. Black Okinawa PM
    Dark Blue St Louis MM

  8. Black Boeing 30
    White St.Louis PM
    Pink Jeanne MM
    Red St.Louis Jr.
    White Bi-fold wallet w/coin case
    DH's Black/Tan Bi-fold wallet

    Total ----> 20
  9. Maroon Grand Bleu PM
    Indigo Fidji
    Green St. Louis PM
    Black Card Case
    Black Folding Card Case

    Total: 25
  10. White St. Louis PM

    Total: 26
  11. Red Fidji hobo
    Sky blue St. Louis PM

    Total: 28
  12. Black Croiserie

    TOTAL 29
  13. yellow fidji
    white fidji
    pink st louis pm

    total = 32
  14. Red St. Louis MM

  15. oh! forgot to mention my burgundy croisiere

    total = 34
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