Total Newbie

  1. Hi ladies:heart:
    This is my second post and I'm totally new to the forum and to Coach. I've loved purse all my life and buy them compulsively, but I've yet to actually purchase a "real" bag:sad:
    I'm ready to take the plunge and stop wasting my money on common bags and get some real goodies. Coach is appealing because it's not too expensive yet a quality bag.
    Thanks for reading this and I hope to get to know you all and Coach better.
    Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!!!:heart:
  2. Welcome to the boards. :smile: Coach is a great investment. Their designs are awesome and the prices aren't too far out of reach for us normal people. Let us know whichever one you end up getting, and never forget to post pictures as you start collecting. :yes:
  3. Welcome to tpf!!!!!
  4. Welcome!!
  5. Welcome! Definitely be sure to share what you wind up with here! You'll love it!

    Welcome again and have fun!
  6. Welcome!
  7. Welcome! You will love the forum, its so much fun:yahoo:
  8. Welcome to the boards. You'll love it here.
  9. Welcome!! I'm pretty new around here too. I just started posting the other day, but I've been lurking for awhile. You will learn so much from the girls here. I know I have.
  10. welcome to the purse forum! glad to meet you!
  11. Welcome to TPF! You will love it here.
  12. welcome! you'll enjoy it here =0 everyone is nice =)
  13. Welcome to the Purse Forum! Good luck on deciding on your first bag...there are definitely some very knowledgable Coach lovers here with lots of advice to offer!
  14. Hi & welcome!
  15. Welcome! You'll love it here!