TOTAL Newbie to exercising, and need your advice, TPFers!!

  1. Hello everyone! I need to lose about 20lbs:boxing:. I have read some fellow TPFers' threads on losing 50 or more lbs, and that is so inspiring! Congrats to those who worked so hard to lose those lbs and to healthier lives!
    I have just never been physically active, and fitness has never been a part of my lifestyle. BUT, I'm noticing that my fat percentage is very high, and I really need to start living healthier, lose weight, and TONE UP!
    Since I :yucky: detest working out, any encouragements or advice anyone can lend? I need stretching advice too... I'm so out of shape that I always seem to pull a muscle these days! Sure sign that I really need to exercise...
    My hubby and I are talking about family planning starting in about a year, and I'm hpoing to 'get in shape' before pregnancy, if that makes sense. I'd really appreciate any exercise advice to someone totally new to working out... and a few words of encouragement. Thanks for looking!
  2. Do what you can even if its only a little. You might feel sick when you first start working out. This is normal as your toxic and your body is not used to it. If you feel pain stop but learn to feel the difference between discomfort and effort and pain the former is good but the latter is not.

    I would wish you good luck but its not about luck. Good hunting!
  3. Start slow. Do you like to walk? I would walk and slowly increase how far you go. Find some sort of activity that you like to do and go from there.
  4. You mentioned that you don't like to exercise but you know that you need to be active in some way. Do you have any hobbies that involve activity in some way, such as swimming, hiking, or walking or kick boxing? Trust me, girl, I know what it's like not likeing exercise. I dread working out, but initially it's all about getting started. You may hate the initial "pain," but look at this as "growing pains." It's all in your perspective. When you see the results, you will so love them. Is there a certain date that you would like to have your 20 lbs. off by?
  5. Thanks for the encouragements:tup:! I'm hoping to lose at least 10 or more pounds by February (in 4 months), and the rest 10 lbs by June. It's obvious that I need to lose weight, lb wise. But my real concern is the high body fat %. I should incorporate weights, right? I have such a mental block about exercising, that it's hard to motivate myself. So here I am to publicly say that I WILL, and made a deal with a friend to lose the weight together. Same goals. The reward? A PURSE of course :biggrin:!!! (LV for me, and can't say for what my gf will get! )I have two gyms nearby, swimming pool, a golf course (but need to learn), and walking trails... So no excuses, right?
  6. do you like dancing? if so why not join a dancing class? if you have cardio-latino, zumba, or something similar i think that would work quite well. not only is it fun & involving funky fast music, it also burns up to 800 calories in one workout! (or at least that's what some articles report)
  7. OKay~ Truth time.

    I HATE to work out.

    I have to work out because I have a chronic Kidney disease and I must keep my BP down to stay healthy.

    Having said this..I have done everything. I have had a personal trainer (fab way to keep motivated but hard on the pocketbook)

    I have found that walking is the best way to begin slowly. Start with 10 minutes and work your way up to an hour. The faster you walk the more calories you burn. This is also easier on the body (i.e., joints) especially if you have extra weight on your frame.

    The elliptical is really good for your knees as well. I purchased mine at a garage sale. This way if it is crappy outside, I can pop in a movie, watchmy favorite show or read a magazine while working out.

    My favorite is the old stand by aerobics tapes. I am a devout fan of Denise Austin. Her workouts are always different and are only 20-30 minutes a pop. Enough time to get a great full-body workout (she does aerobics and weight lifiting in the session). I do these 4 times a week and it made a huge difference! I was really toned!

    Also~ you have the privacy of your own home. No embarassment.

    I also get SHAPE magazine~ This mag has a lot of pointers on how to stay motivated etc..

    These are just a few suggestions that have worked for me...someone who HATES to work-out but must to have a healthy longer life.

    Good luck and keep your chin up~! Admitting you need to lose weight is the best step you can make.

    Take care of you!:heart:
  8. start slow like everone else said, if you start all at once "pushing your limits" you will hate going and then make reasons not to exercise. Try slow at first so you can just ease into it and it becomes part of your lifestyle

    *this soming from someone who is in dire need of exercise and cant get motivated
  9. I hate working out sometimes, too...but I also don't want to be 200 pounds. So it's a tradeoff. I have an elliptical machine that I use. I have all sorts of stuff so that I can have some variety. A mini trampoline. A weighted jump rope. An ab-foldy-thingy. A body ball. Resistance bands (love these!). Hand weights. And many instructional DVDs, including yoga, pilates, and body ball and resistance training exercises. I also walk occasionally (at a very brisk pace). Since I have a bunch of different things to do, I don't find myself getting bored with the same routine. So for me, the key is variety. I try to get in SOME form of exercise at least five days a week for at least fifteen minutes each time. Every couple weeks I may add on five or so minutes to my daily activity. I'll be the first to admit, I'm not approaching it very scientifically; I just want to get active, period. One day I may just use weights. The next day, the elliptical glider. The next day, I may use the bands. The next day I may use the ab thingy. Etc. Also, most of my stuff can be done indoors, although some of the equipment is in the carport, so that helps too. Music is KEY. My iPod is my best friend when I'm working out. I'm not in the greatest shape now, but at least I'm proactive in trying to get in better shape, so hopefully one day I'll be a lot more toned and lean. I'm doing it for health reasons, primarily. Weight-related health problems totally run in my family. Vanity is only a small part of why I work out. I don't have anyone to impress.
  10. So sweet for posting, everyone! I'm commited to 30 min walking/day for now. I think a structured exercise is good for someone like me with lack of discipline and motivation. I'm going to check some tapes out too. One I feel a bit better, onto the weight machines.. but all in good time. I literally need to walk first :biggrin: before I run and do other stuff
    I have another problem. Please please please don't brush me off. If I gave my height and weight, everyone would not take me seriously. Meaning, the numbers are not alarming, and even when I calculate my bmi, it is normal. But in reality, when you touch and feel, and see me, it's a different story. I think I'm literally obese, trapped in a smaller frame. I did mention that I have high body fat. It's SO true:wondering. How do I address this issue? Weights and diet??? signs of celluite are creeping up everywhere.. pls help!
  11. celullite...sounds like you could change your eating habits, like avoid to eat fat and unhealthy food, pile on the fruits and veggies and drink drink drink !!!!

    Also to start, and you only can find out what suits you the best, I realize the "lazy and exercise-hater" me needs a "frame", for me it´s having a membership at the local gym.
    Bc once I go and I am there, I HAVE to exercise, even better if I join a class (step, pilates, aerobic...), and have a gym buddy.
    Also at the gym, you can get a trainer to introduce you to the machines and make a personal program. You tell him your goals, your issues, your habits, and he´ll make a fitted program.
  12. Welcome to the "I hate working out and haven't done it in years" club. I have tried everything from Personal Trainers, health spas, home gym, videos. Nothing worked and I hated it all. I finally signed up for 2 classes at the community center down the street. You know the community center...where kids can take karate or piano lessons...yeah that community center. I signed up for 2 classes a few weeks ago "Stretch and Tone" which is an hour of some cardio, light weight training, lots of toning exercises, and plenty of stretching throughout. I still hate working out but I do tolerate this routine, haven't been in pain just a little sore, and it's practically a personal trainer (there's only 5 others in my class) with the support of a few others joining you. I do that 2 mornings a week and take a Pilates class another 2 days. I will continue and may enough step it up a little by walking to the community center (it's a couple miles from my house) for classes.

    Check out your community center it's the first time I have actually not totally hated working out and I think I'm making a few friends as well.
  13. I live in an apartment complex and they give us a free gym membership nearby:tup:. I remember that the gym doens't have many classes. But my time is definitely committed if I partake in the classes. Stretching class sounds good... will have to check out if it's available at my gym. Since I've been 'publicly' discussing exercising on this forum and receiving encouragements, esp from the 'i hate working out club', I at lease feel a bit more ready to work out. Has anyone tried The Firm dvd? Those infomercials... so convincing! I thought of getting Hip Hop Abs but my motor skills are questionable :upsidedown:!!
  14. Sounds like you have set reasonable goals and have a reward plan in place. I too have a personal trainer 3x a week but in order for me to workout those other days I set a distance based goal like walk to trader joes and back rather than 30mins (its more like 35) since a I have to buy for for dinner. Once I'm there I have to walk to get back home. On my own on the treadmill/ellliptical I'll constantly be renegotiating the minutes with myself.