Total newbie questions... TIA!


Jul 6, 2008
Does the 3x5 agenda come with those cards?... like the care card and Coach card like you get in a purse or wallet? I bought one and there aren't any. Just wondering?

Also, are you supposed to get a dustbag with every purse? I thought so... but when I asked for one, they gave me a box instead.

They also forgot to give me the pen with the agenda! But I called and they said they'd mail it to me.... we'll see.

Thanks for helping!


Oct 5, 2007
Are you taking about a card on how to take care of the agenda ? Or are you talking about the planner pages ? If you are talking about a crad on how to "take care" of the planner, no, I did not get one with my 3x5 black leather planner which I purchased in a Boutique with PCE. I do not believe they would come with one. It's not
necessary. The planner does come filled with Sept 2008-thru 2009 planner pages and a phone book. .It also comes with a gold tone pen.


Passion for Fashion
Apr 3, 2007
New England
I'm not sure if the agenda comes with the cards... I've never paid attention because they'd just get thrown away anyway.

What bag did you get? Were you shopping at a boutique or an outlet? Most bags come with dustbags but there are a coupld of exceptions.

Bummer on leaving out the pen. I'm sure you'll get it.


May 20, 2008
Eastern Iowa
I don't own an agenda yet but, I know that not all Coach items come with a dust bag. It would also depend where you bought it at. When I bought my mini skinny at Dillards, I didn't get a dust bag for it and was told that smaller stuff don't come with dust bags, even the small pouch handbags, don't come with a dust bag at department stores but, outlets will normally give you a small white cotton dust bag for small purchases such as an Agenda or a Mini Skinny but, some of the bags at outlets don't have dust bags with them. I didn't get a dust bag with my Carly that I got from the outlet last month but, Coach is sending me one.
So, I guess it really just depends, Dust bags aren't always guaranteed with a purchase.


Jul 6, 2008
Yes, the care card.... that's what I mean. :smile:

I bought them at an outlet.

Thank you so much for your answers! Now just to wait and see if that pen arrives! I called last Mon. Seems it should be here by now.