Total Newbie - are those real? (auction to end tomorrow)

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Total newbie question - sorry to bother you with that :shame: :shame:

    I was wondering if you would be able to help me regarding those 2 auctions: I am no expert in LV (wish I was!) and therefore, have no idea as to whether those 2 wallets are real or fakes :shrugs:

    first one is a damier: 100% Louis Vuitton Damier Zip Compact Wallet (objet 230058145665 Fin: 04-Déc-06 22:37:25 CET)

    second one a monogram: LOUIS VUITTON PORTEFEUILLE (objet 260060060896 Fin: 05-Déc-06 16:59:27 CET)

    I have been looking for such items for a long time, maybe is it my chance? :graucho:

    Thanks a lot in advance for your precious help!
  2. Both are fake.
    The first comes with the gree n card (last pic) that is a tell tale sign of a fake.
    The second comes with a monogram care booklet; monogram bags dont come with a care booklet.

    For future answers, you might want to post in the Authenticate This! sticky in this subforum. :smile:
  3. Also to add with ilovepenguins' response:

    The canvas, leather, interiors, boxes, and trademark heat stamps are all off on both wallets.

    Also, on most wallets that have windows, the windows should always be opaque, NOT clear. ;)
  4. Wow, thank you so much ilikepenguins and John 5! :yes:

    And I'll remember to post in the right section next time.

    You guys are the best!! :yahoo:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.