Total LV ignoramus

  1. I have not been into LV AT ALL - the monogram just doesn't do it for me except for trunks and maybe small accessories. So I don't know a thing about the whole brand. But having seen a few of the Damier Azur pieces I want one! I really like the pochette acessoires (the one that is beg enough to be a small handbag) and since it's not too spendy there's a chance I might score one for my bday. I know these are popular and can't be bought on Elux right now. Are they incredibly hard to get hold of? Can one be bought in an LV boutique or department store counter? Or is eBay the only place to find one?
  2. the Damier Azur is a permanent line so you should be able to score one at any LV boutique...
  3. You shoul check elux periodically. They get azur pieces in on an irregular basis but they well out very quickly so if you see what you want, buy it!
  4. Azur pieces are so much in demand & production is very slow.
  5. So the situation is, they are available but popular and a bit hard to find?
  6. ^^^Yup, they are a permanent line but just newer so that's why they're harder to get a hold of than older (monogram, regular damier) lines. BUT I think some LV stores are starting to have more in stock so you should call to check around! And if you waitlist, you could probably get one soon!
  7. It's currently a popular permanent line and they are having problems with production of the Azur canvas itself .
  8. if e lux don't have it before ur b-day, you can always call 1866vuitton for them to locate one for ya :smile: Azur is an amazing print, good tatste!
  9. it's a permanent line and I'm sure you'll be able to find one.. You can also call 866, they can locate one for you!
  10. Call 1866VUITTON and see if a customer service rep can locate one for you. Eluxury doesn't have them very often, so I'd call that number (or a store directly) to get one.
  11. You guys are so knowledgeable!
  12. elux does have them occasionally (that is where I bought mine in Nov), but call the 866 number and they should be able to locate one for you
  13. if there is nothing in stock, you can also go to your nearest boutique and ask to be included in a wait list for the bag style you want :smile: might take weeks - months, though.....
  14. I wouldn't risk buying on eBay, especially because you are new to LV
  15. Angela, groot gelijk! You are right. I would never buy LV on e-bay, I'd rather save up longer and enjoy the experience of choosing your bag in the shop, after turning everything upside down :p . You may see pictures of LV bags on their website but nothing beats holding them in your hands to know if you like them or not.