total hottie encounter-help!

  1. ok so ernesto is heading towards florida as you all know..ugg. but something good happened today! my dad is at work and i didnt have classes so its my duty to put up the shutters and store everything. i had to put the gas grill in the garage but it wouldnt budge and im PMS-ing so im like tearing up bc of the frustration it was hot and sticky and i was cramping. double ugg! so i say screw the grill and finish the shutters. i was getting ready to do the last one in the front of the house and this total hottie is approaching me!

    i had never seen him im like...hi? and he's like hey do you need any help with anything? at this point im like:wtf: bc im all sweaty and looking rather rough. and im like no i think im all set this is my last one..then he was about to leave and im like WAIT actually i need help with the grill. so he put it away from me and im like....awww thanks and he said your welcome and started to walk away and he stops turns and is like hey im chris and i live right there hes my NEIGHBOR.

    im like hiiiii im rebecca...:graucho: ive never seen him b4 tho theyre rather new to the neighborhood. and as he leaves im like oooooommmmmmmgggg hes so hott!! he seems so nice too. he probably has a what do i do?! im like hoping he comes over to talk to me again lol LOSER! ive gone thru a horrible breakup so this was a good mood booster yay!
  2. I love little encounters like that...I say become friends w/ him & see where it goes further down the road. He may be a hottie but he might just be a "friend" type. Yeah I know those totally suck. Good luck!
  3. So happy for you! Maybe you can show his around the neighborhood? :graucho:
  4. Well after the storm passes , u can make lite convo ... and go from there :smile:

    the story is too cute
  5. That is soooo cooooool!

    How exciting..

    I think you should be friends w/ him first and see how he is, personality wise.

    Before my BF, i never dated hotties within a certain radius of home base.. I didn't want to be see unnecessary information or vice versa! That rule saved me... because I live right across a fire department.. :lol:
  6. oooohh.....LOL...How sweet...DO tell us if you approach him..Make him some cookies to thank him..and if he has a girlfriend????!!!!..
    US OLD married gals LOVE this stuff...hee.hee.

    Let us know what happens!!!!! GOOD LUCK!
  7. At least he's a nice guy!
  8. LOL JIll.....I met a hottie today at school..british accent and all (I;'m a sucker for British accents)....I'm trying to set up a friend with him just so i can stare at him more LOL *sigh* If I wasn't married lol
  9. LOL Jill... us old married women do love these stories! :graucho:

    I agree with Jill about the cookies too! That's a great way to go talk to him so more & get to know him better.You never know, the hottie might just not have a gf. My dh is a hottie and didn't have a gf when I met him! So you never know.... :nuts:
  10. id totally pull a 'desperate house wives' move, and be like 'come over for dinner, its a tradition when theres new ppl in the neighborhood.'
  11. The best time to meet someone is when you least expect it! Maybe when you are doing the yard clean-up keep an eye out for him. That will be your chance.
  12. sunbathe in front of your house
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :lol:
  14. Lol...another Great Reason To Do Yard Work More Often And Take Forever To Get The Mail...heeheheh