Total eclipse of the moon - today 11:10pm Central European Time

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  1. A short message to my fellow Europeans! :nuts:

    If the weather permits it, have a look skywards tonight. There's a total eclipse of the moon going on. The maximum is at around 11:10pm local time here in Germany :yes:
  2. clear sky is amazing!:tup:
  3. Clear sky here too!!

    We drove home at around 10.30pm and we were able to see the shaddow and a small part of the moon :biggrin: Amazing!
  4. Ugh, hubby dragged me out of bed at 4.30 this morning - it was just beautiful, definitely worth getting up for.
  5. damn... I missed it!!
  6. Clear sky, and a warm quiet night! It was lovely... We took our dog for a walk in the park and we watched the eclipse!