Total Disaster.....

  1. I am torn apart and extremely heartbroken. :crybaby:

    Since I met up with a friend before work, I brought my work clothes and changed when I arrived at work. I was in a hurry so I stuffed everything in my bag, not remembering that I had thrown in my Dior Glossy's without a case!
    I come home and I'm unloading my bag and what do I find. Broken Sunglasses. :crybaby: I bought them in Europe for 200 euros under a year ago.....................and I LOVED them and used them everyday! They are exactly the style I adore and wanted, they are comfortable and they are so me.

    What do I do? Now that I'm back in the US I don't know. Should I ship them to the store I got them from in Portugal and have them fix it, since I have a one-year warranty? Should I just take them to a store that sells designer sunglasses like Optical World or something like that? How much do you think they will charge?

    Sorry if it seems I'm making such a big deal, but they are my favorites and I'm so sad right now!!!!!!!!!!!

    I attached pics I just took.
    100_24712.JPG 100_24672.JPG 100_24682.JPG 100_24692.JPG
  2. :amazed: i would be really upset too!

    I say call Dior! As long as you have the warrenty they should be able to tell u where to send, and hopefully they will send u a new pair :yes:
  3. I have Dior glasses and had the frame replace from them b/c one of the crystals went missing. They replaced it with a new frame. Contact them and start from there. I totally understand your frustration. :shame:
  4. I sent them an e-mail last night. Is there a number I can call to talk directly to someone that can help me?

    Thank you girls! You made me feel so much better that I still have some hope..........
  5. I thought warranty only cover defects?

    I'm not sure if this applies to where you live but i believe to claim warranty, you'll need the receipt.
  6. I think the warranty will not cover you when they were broken like that only if there was a manufacturers defect, sorry.
  7. So sorry to hear this- please keep us posted once resolved!
  8. id say they might be able to fix it for you for a fee...please keep us posted and good luck girl ! :yes:
  9. Oh man! You must have really jammed your stuff in there to break them!

    Warranties usually only cover against defects not accidental breakage. The only thing that I can really think of, is to call your local Dior and explain your situation and see what they can do