Total cheese, but you love it anyway?

  1. What movies are totally cheesy, but you love them anyway?

    I always laugh out loud at myself because, I am not a melanie Griffith fan, yet love these 3!

    Shining Through
    Born Yesterday
    Working Girl

    How could I ??:roflmfao:
  2. Lol...Weird Science. Still love it but very cheesy!
  3. Weekend at Bernies
    Romy and Michelle's High school reunion

    omg.. I love cheesy movies.... but there's a huge difference between cheesy.. and just plain bad... i think the worst movies i've ever seen is Date Movie and Anchorman...
  4. Romy and Michelle's Class Reunion! It drives my hubby batty that I will watch it every time it is on.

  5. OMG!!!:nuts: That is my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie!!!:lol:

    Garry: Mom, I never toss off to anything!
    Mom: [crying] You told me you were combing your hair!
    Garry: But I was, I was!
  6. LOL! Isn't it amazing to think that Gary is the guy on The Dead Zone now.:P

  7. Lol!! Now I have to rent that this weekend!!
  8. ^^^ You mean you don't have it in your DVD collection?!:nuts:

    Adding another one to my list of cheeasy FAVORITES: The PARTY with Peter Sellers!!! OMG!!! I laugh SO HARD every time I see it!!!:lol: :lol: :lol: Birdie Num Num and Howdy partiner manage to crack me up all the time!!!:lol:

    And nothing beats this one:
    C. S. Divot: You mashuga!
    Hrundi V. Bakshi: I am not your sugar.
  9. Teen Witch
  10. Oh, Shining Through! I even bought it ! That scene in the club when Michael Douglas comes in with another woman? Loved it!

    Also, Dirty Dancing, Clueless, Shag . . . I'm a sucker for corny romances.
  11. White Chicks

    The Hot Chick
  12. Clueless, Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, Romy and Michelle's H.S Reunion, and as bad as I hate to admitt it Dumb and Dumber
  13. Do You Mean Anthony Michael Hall? Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club......But, My All Time Favorite Is When He Plays Whitey Ford In 61*
  14. Such Good Movies!!!!!!
  15. t.

    I haven't seen that, I will have to look for it

    Shag! That was cute....makes me remember Mystic Pizza, too!