total chanel virgin!

  1. ok .. maybe not a complete chanel virgin [ i have sunglasses ] .. but more of a chanel handbag virgin :yes:
    [ LV and gucci have been a huge reason for my not-so-big bank account ] .. but i'm ready to add chanel into the mix and get a little poorer!! :yahoo:

    .. i'm not too "educated" on chanel .. so i need a little help! i like the black purses with the white C's .. lol! [ i know ya'll are probably cringing at my lack in terminology! ] .. ill learn soon ;)

    .. but i was wondering about prices and different styles. i went on the chanel website, but i found nothing like that. so is there a website i could look at where i could see different styles and prices etc?

    thanks so much .. and i'm looking forward to being in the chanel forum more, learning about it, and hopefully purchasing soon! ;)
  2. Yep. sounds like the Cambon to me too :yes:
    The Cambon Ligne has been discontinued as of this year, but there are still some floating around at the stores, good luck!
  3. thanks girls! i totally appreciate it! :biggrin:

    that's exactly what i was talking about!

    discontinued? oh no! i better hurry up and find me one! :search:
  4. Yup! discontinued, but if you start searching now, i'm sure you can find one! Do you know which style in particular? It came in a pochette, bowler, large tote, medium tote.
  5. i'm likin' the tote! not too sure on sizes .. i've seen the purses out and about .. but can't say i payed attention to whether it was "medium" or "large" ..
  6. There is one at Chanel boutique boston in medium. If I'm not mistaken, the large will look like a usual tote (wider compared to taller) while the medium will look more like a bucket (taller compared to wider). Ladies, correct me if I'm wrong, I dont own one=)