TOTAL BINGING......*ack*

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  1. Hello!...

    I've always been healthy eater (steam fish, veggie, raw food) never really ate conday...didn't like chocolate AT ALL (not that a bann myself i just never ate it) but some reason in the last year (21) i started massive binging on chocolate....carbs ...junk cream...sugar........I mean some serious binging...I wake up going thourgh my cupboards looking for chocolate.....hence I am 118 pounds 5'4 frame I am not big in anyway ok...Maybe here and a whole lots BACK THERE....but......its its not my wieght that i am worried...I dont work out and I am out of shape so I am building a belly...I've tried working out to get rid of the belly (best i could do was 10 on the Elip and 10 on Tread and 10 in the SteamROom)...i jsut wasn't meant for the gym I get really bored.

    My issue is that I KNOW ITS unhealthy for me and it has badly affected my skin ( i I was diagnosed with Eczema right after these habits started)now sugar and all that stuff I binge out on causes Flare up......How Do I STOP!??!?!:sad:
  2. You just simply stop. After you've gone through a day without all that, it would get a wee bit harder but then after a few feels much easier. Replace them with healthier foods you love. For me it was fruits. I love sweet fruits. I eat pineapple, watermelon, soon as I get hungry, I crab some fruit. I drink lots of water too. I haven't had soda in years. Aside from water, I only drink orange juice. Find something you love that's healthier and replace it.
  3. I COMPLETELY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! I love eating healthy, but now and then I just need a motherlode 7 layer chocolate cake! But I started thinking about why I am binging. It's not because I am hungry, but because I want some instant gratification. But now I realize that I can get the same satisfaction from talking to friends, exercising, or just occupying the mind.

    Before reaching for another cookie (or two or the entire bag), stop and wait five minutes. Really ask yourself what it is you really want to have satisfied? Stress about school or boys? Angry at a friend? Sad about something? By realizing your true emotions before you binge, find new ways to tackle unconscious feelings.

    Maybe I'm being melodramatic hahaah good luck! I'm so with you though... we can do it together~
  4. It sounds so simple but just stop!! You actively have to tell yourself "No, I won't do that". Go for a walk instead. Some people hate gyms, which I understand completely- but try walking. Also, don't be too hard on yourself. We all have off days- I have had an off 4 weeks, but let it be and start over. You may slip, but just pick yourself back up!
  5. thanks everyone....hahha i've tried delaying.....and all that happens is my mind is going " CUPPPPCAKKE CAKKEKEE UMMMM I NEED THE CUPCAKE........YOU DONT WANT ANYTHING ELSE YOU ONLY WANT THAT CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE"....sometmes its so bag i can't even think bout thats bad.......
  6. MissV, I am right there with you. After my mom passed away, I started using food to numb out, and it is so hard to stop. Today I have eaten healthy, and it feels so good. I feel so totally gross after trying to stuff down feelings with food. We need to talk to ourselves in a loving, positive way. Try to remember how much worse you feel after you eat, do you enjoy the food while you are eating it? Just some stuff to think about. Take care.
  7. This is my problem: CHOCOLATE. Ugh. I used to be 108 lbs...for something like 20 years I was 108 lbs (ages 16-34). Then at 34 I took some fertility drugs when dh and I were trying for our first (We had reached that 12 month-with-no-success point) and I gained 15 lbs in six weeks! That was the bad news. I stopped taking the drugs but the good news was we got pregnant within 6 weeks!

    I never dieted while pregnant, of course. So...three pregnancies in three years (hey, I was already in my mid-30s) with nursing...I emerged from all that at age 38 with a TOTALLY different metabolism. Some of it may have happened on it's own...mid-30s is often a slowdown. But anyway, I was stuck at 142 lbs and NOTHING was helping.

    Then I basically had enough and at 39 I just starved myself for seven months. I tried to stick to 1,000 calories a day, sometimes I'd go wild and let myself have 1200. To some people that's a 'healthy' amount but I was hungry all the time. It was miserable BUT it worked. I got down to 125 lbs (my goal) and looked FAB. (I'm 5'7".)

    That was 2 years ago. I've now gained back most of the weight I lost. I've been excercising at least 5 hours a week since the day I stopped dieting and it's obviously not enough.

    I think I'm going back on that crazy calorie restriction again and see how quickly it will work this time WITH excercise...??? I don't know. Just need to do something...I'm almost to 140 again. UGH!
  8. Hi, summertime! Love that name.

    If you haven't tried it already, maybe go for about 1400 cals a day. If you're working out alot, eating less than 1200 may screw your metabolism up worse. It can put your body into **starvation mode** and then it hangs onto every little fat cell and you won't lose any weight, just slow your ability to burn calories even more.

    Chocolate is totally my downfall as well. Sometimes I could live on the stuff, not good!!!!!! :mad:
  9. MissV, mee too! Except if I bought a bag of Milano cookies or jelly beans I couldn't stop myself from eating the whole dang thing. So bad. I am slowly learning self control. And have been chocolate and ice cream free for almost 2 weeks. Something that helped me out was using my laziness. I just don't keep any unhealthy sweets in the house. It's easier for me to say no to myself once a week during grocery shopping time. And then I bank on the fact that I will be too lazy to go out and buy some when a craving hits. Once, a craving hit hard, and I actually went out to get some sweets, but by the time I got there the craving was passed!! I'm here for ya!! Together we are all stronger!!
  10. My friend had a problem with her son binging on sugar--he would literally wake up in the middle of the night and eat everything sweet. It got so bad that he was eating brown and white sugar out of the box. She took him to the doctor and his blood work showed a imbalance of something (?)-what I forgot. I know he started to take vitamins and I think was also allergic to some foods that he could no longer eat, but he stopped soon afterwards.
    You might want to go online and check out the Southbeach diet site, they have some good snacks to make, perhaps you need to eat 5-6 small meals a day to keep your blood sugar level and the binging might end.
    Good luck.
  11. MissV, im like you, never been a big fan of chocolate either.

    I have a big belly since ever, I've always wanted to get rid of it but im too lazy to work out :shame: I was binging for a short period but i thought that didnt really work so i stopped. Now i just work really hard and sometimes skip breakfast or lunch as a remedy for my weight ..haha ... I hope its just a phrase for you and soon be over
  12. thanks everyone for the advice...its nice to know I am not the only one who over induglges on junk food..
  13. MissV youre NOT the only one trust me. Im here with you. I feel so disgusted but days ago my friend announced that she was quitting smoking and starting to eat right and I was really surprised because she realllllyyyy let herself go after high school and she gain loads of weight. I am so happy with her decision and hope that we can get healthy togather. Same goes for u. You can do it!
  14. i'm not into binging on food.... just so much variety is what kills me.... i guess the doctors always say, eat ur food in moderation... just add fruits n veggies more to ur diet...
  15. Well I haven't been practicing what I've been preaching... because I have been binging bad too lately! It is really hard to stop and I know it is a vicious cycle, but once you do stop you will feel better!!