Total Balenciaga newbie... help?

  1. Hi! It's my first time venturing to the Balenciaga forum(I'm an LV girl) and I'm a total newb! I know there's a thread documenting colors but it's massive and I thought maybe you all wouldn't mind helping me out. Today at school I saw a girl with a gorgeous bag I know was a Balenciaga because I recognize the style(alright, I know a little bit), but I have absolutely no idea what color and actual style name it was. I'm more concerned with the color, because I really don't know how to describe the style and I really hope the color comes in a variety of styles. The color was kind of a light aqua with a slightly metallic or maybe pearly finish... does that make sense? Any help? Thanks in advance!! ;)
  2. Hi! I am not sure what color that could be, Balenciaga releases different colors every season. There is a great website that has swatches of all the colors but it appears to be down. Hopefully it will be back up soon, here is the address
  3. Thank you! I'll keep checking to see if it comes back up. :smile:
  4. Do you know if her bag is authentic?

    Because the light blue "seafoam" color is the most popular color for fakes and designer inspired Balenciagas. Most are not real leather either, so they look shiny or pearly. :sad:

    If it was authentic, it sounds like it could have been an '04 turquoise or '04 seafoam, but those wouldn't have been slightly metallic or pearly.
  5. Ack, I hadn't thought of that! I suppose it is a possibility if that doesn't sound like any known color. But it was so pretty! :crybaby:
  6. Welcome to the forum - you'll find the nicest, most helpful people here!
  7. welcome to the obsession!:yahoo:
    since you say it was "pearly", i can't help but think it may have been ice blue? look on the ateliernaff site for color swatches and maybe you'll see the color... and if not, i'm sure you'll find something else you like.:graucho: good luck on your quest.:flowers:
  8. Aww, I guess it was fake. The color really wasn't anything like any of the ones on the site. Oh well, maybe I'll fall in love with another Balenciaga and it'll actually be authentic lol