Toscani - Made In Italy

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  1. I just got this bag tonight at TJM. It's a Toscani and is actually a fuchsia leather bag. I don't know why my Coolpix S550 couldn't capture the correct color?
    The style is Topazio and the color is "Beep". It is my first Made In Italy bag. It is originally a $300 bag and I got it on clearance for $40!!!!

    I couldn't find any reference to Toscani on tPF, but did find some on ebay.
    Anybody have one or know of this brand??

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  2. I have a Toscani Leather Tote that I drag work back and forth from the office with.
    It has great zipper sides to expand the sides and they give it a fun look.
    It seemed well made to me and sure enought it has held up well. (this is not a bag I have babied) I am very happy with it.
    I think you'll like your new Toscani....congrats! Beautiful and great price!
  3. Congratulations!
  4. Thanks! I carried it today and I love it! I got a new Coach bag this week and it is still packed up. It seems that some of my Coach bags I am concerned about carrying. I have a gorgeous off-white Ergo belted tote that I have only carried once. Since I got such a deal on this Toscani, I figure what the heck. Plus, it's so bright pink and summery and holds everything.
    I am definitely loving it!