Tosca too similar to Anemone?

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  1. I have a Tosca B35 in Epsom with PHW and I might have an opportunity to buy an Anemone B35 in Togo with GHW. My question is, would these look too similar? If anyone has pictures of both side by side in different lightings, that’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone
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  2. To me they would be too similar to have the same size/style bag in, but I will never have the luxury to have so many many bags to be able to duplicate like that.
    That being said, if you are a die hard pink/purple fan, go for it!
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  3. Tosca seems a little muted to me and Anemone pops. But I only own Tosca and have not see Anemone in real life.
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  4. I’d sell Tosca and buy anemone so fast I wouldn’t even know what happened. Anemone is a dream.
  5. Too close for me. I also prefer phw with either so I'd keep the Tosca (and this is someone who's usually prefer Anemone)
  6. Funnily enough, I just went through this same color issue last week! I bought an Anemone bag despite my concern that it might be too close in color to the Tosca and Rose Pourpre bags that I already own. Long story short, it all depends on your perspective. On one hand, they are all purple-based and could therefore be in the same color-family. On the other hand, they are all distinct colors and uniquely different in that regard. I chose the latter interpretation because Anemone is such a great purple! It is too dark for me to take photos today but stay tuned. I'll post them for you tomorrow when the sun is up and there is ample natural light.
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  7. My anemone KP for your reference (in different light) 20191225_092428.jpg 20191225_092428.jpg 20191225_092428.jpg 20191225_091918.jpg
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  8. +1
    (((disclaimer: not a fan of tosca))))
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  9. They are definitely not the same but whether you think you should own both is up to you (how much do you love purples? :biggrin: ). Personally for me even if they are both colors I love I’d not get them in the same bag and will only do it if they are different bags. So in your case (both B35) I would only keep one. Good luck deciding!
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  10. Redundant color
  11. I have tosca, RP, anemone and all three are really different to me. I love anemone most. I would go for it for sure.

    I also have crocus (kelly and bolide), violine (Constance), ultraviolet (roullis), raisin (kelly). I think some of these are similar but tosca
    RP and anemone are really different to me.
  12. I just realized that I do have anemone (I think) in a double sens. I like it much more than Tosca. Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 7.07.59 AM.png
  13. I died. I would kill for these. Fellow purple lover here :biggrin:
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