Tosca or Anemone?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    My dear SA called me today and he told me that a b anemone and a b tosca will arrive soon. I'm so excited because I love both colors. Can you help me? I can't decide. They are both gorgeous colors! It's my first birkin and I want a bright and fun color. He didn't tell me anything about leather, hw and size.. Unfortunately I can't take them both.. :nogood: What should I choose? What do you prefer? Any advice?
    Thank you
  2. Anemone!
  3. Another vote for anemone.
  4. Anemone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I would take Anemone as I prefer that tone to Tosca. Really it's whatever makes your heart sing! Such a wonderful option to have as they are both gorgeous. GL!
  6. +1 vote for anemone
  7. Another vote for Anemone!
  8. Anemone
  9. I prefer Tosca to Anemone, but you have to see both and then you can decide.
  10. Can't go wrong with either. I would based the desidion on size, leather and hardware combination. Good luck choosing and looking forward to the reveal!
  11. Anemone
  12. +1 both r fabulous colors
    Can only decide if details are given
    All the best
  13. Anemone!!
  14. I agree that it has to be what makes your heart sing most. I love purple more than pink so I would choose Anemone. If you are more of a pink person then I would say Tosca. Of course hardware and leather may help you make the final decision too. Good luck! I hope you do a reveal once you get it. What a great dilemma to have!
  15. It depends on the hardware! I like ghw so d chose the one with gold!

    Lucky girl! :biggrin: