Tory Burch

  1. Hi everyone so i have a question. I'm really interested in buying a Tory Burch tote i have wanted one for like over a year now..And i seen that she has her new ones for the spring out..I wanted to know what people think about it and how it looks in person? I haven't seen anyone with one by me which is a good thing LOL..But i keep on going back and forth about buying it i don't know what my problem is. I say to myself ok i'm going to buy it today and then i think should i buy a another gucci? Thats all i own is designer and i feel like the tory burch is different and you know how sometime you don't want to carry your designer because you want to keep them in good cond i kinda what a throw around bag.. Ok i'm a little crazy but what do you guys think about tory burch? Please Help!!
  2. hey :smile: I'd seen this bag before, it's quite plain to tell you the truth, and I don't know if it's just me, but the price seems a bit too much for it. Also, and I read this a lot around here, but if you want a bag you can just "throw around", then why not get something below that price? That way you won't feel bad about tossing it around carelessly because it didn't cost you that much. Urban Outfitters has some great handbags in my opinion. But if it were me, I wouldn't buy that tote, I never go for these types of bags.

    Of course, this is just my personal opinion! I think if you really want it, you should totally ignore what everyone else thinks and buy it! :smile:
  3. Thanks i know the price is a little crazy for a tote..The only thing i love about it is that it has side pockets so if i want i can use it as a diaper bag and also i love the tory burch symbol that is the reason why i bought her shoes LOL..I just wish the NM or Nordies by me sold them so i can see how the look..
  4. Yeah, but now that you mentioned the diaper bag factor, I guess the tote would work well for that purpose! :smile: And I adore Tory Burch's shoes, too! :biggrin: I also like the clothes. I checked out the Gucci ones, they're actually quite nice! :smile:
  5. I think the Tory Birch bag is classy, simple and elegant and would be a great buy that would last for a while. In your situation, I would definitely buy it. I don't know anything about the quality although I have their flats and they're good quality.

    It really depends on your personal taste I suppose.
  6. I was at Nordstrom in tyson's yesterday - they had a bunch of the TB totes. They are very very cute!!! I really have my eye on one now :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone ok so heres my problem i already bought a diaper bag but the leather is so soft that i'm scared to wear it everyday. This is the one i bought..

    So i'm tring to find a bag that i can wear everyday with or with out diapers and so thats why i thought the tory burch was the bag but now i'm seeing this one and i can't make up my mind..Can someone please help..Is the tory burch symbol metal or plastic?
  8. it's plastic
  9. I think the bag is cute. $200 isn't bad for a large tote. Coach sells their canvas totes on the upwards of $500, granted they are a little more well known and have garuntee on the quality.
    But the bag is a little plane, plus, Tory is bound to go on sale soon. Bergdorf just had the woole tote for like $80!
  10. I am not trying to pursued you not to get it, I saw it in Nordstrom and it does not look anywhere near chick or expensive, espesially if you contemplating the purchasing of the bag for quite a while. I know from my personal experience if I don't want it within a week or so and just like to look at it, it will not work for me if I get it.
    If you are not sure and live somewhere near Nordstrom or even if you got it from Bloomingdale, you can always return it later. You will loose a little bit of money on shipping charges but it will help you to know if you want this bag. If you want a bag from ebay it is a different story.
  11. some of the symbol are plastic and some are metal plate like the one for shoes..
    i personally.. like em! i've been wanting for one for a while now.. :p
  12. I think they're cute but also overpriced. If you can find one on sale, I'd say go for it!
  13. Without the double T logo I don't think this bag would be anything special. But neither would her shoes, and those go for $200 and are also super popular! So I guess in the end it's about the logo, but if you love the bag it's all worth it!