Tory Burch VS Lacoste flats

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  1. im debating between either lacoste or tory burch flats? opinions would be great! which ones are more confortable etc?


  2. I think Lacoste shoes are pretty cheap quality.... I've never worn a pair personally but my husband has bought a few pairs that just fell apart. Not worth the price IMO...

    I have the Revas but just got them so haven't had a chance to wear them yet! My vote is for Tory Burch! :tup:
  3. I have Lanvin flats and a pair of Tory Burch Revas and the Tory Burch are uncomfortable for me. I don't know about the quality of the Lacoste.
  4. I have a few pairs of the Lacoste sneakers, flats and slides and they've all held up pretty well and are SUPER comfortable.

    The leather on the sneakers is getting a little strange looking (I'd almost say peely?) but I've also been wearing them in the snow and rain lately...

    I thought some people had been complaining about the comfort of one of the Tory Burch models?
  5. ive have and they are pretty comfortable and good quality. so im not questioning the quality.

    i cant decide which ones i should get because i like how the lacoste ones are not flashing logos-just a tiny alligator on the side.

    i like the revas because its not as plain, and theres a logo that makes it cute.

    HELP!! lol
  6. i just bought those black lacoste flats today...and they're pretty comfortable
    This would be my second pair of lacoste flats i 've purchased...the first one held up pretty well...i still wear them =)

    however, i'm not too sure about tory burch's flats...i don't own a pair

    therefore, my vote is for the Lacoste
  7. I vote for TB! = ]
  8. Try ordering the Lacostes from Zappos. Try them on, walk around on your carpet, and see if they're comfy. Compare to the Tory Burch flats. Make your decision and enjoy!
  9. tory burch.
  10. I don't have that particular style of Lacoste, but I have a Lacoste flat and the Revas you posted... honestly, I think the comfort is similar, but probably slightly better for Lacoste, mostly because I find the elastic sometimes puts too much pressure after awhile so it gets a bit sore there.
  11. I vote for TORY! I have a pair of patent Revas and also a pair of the Quinns.

    The Lacoste looks a little too sporty for my taste. JMO, of course.

    Stewart Weitzman's Slipper is also a very comfortable flat.
  12. I have never liked Tory Burch flats. The medallion is tacky in my opinion, but I know other people really like them. The Lacoste look much more classic to me.
  13. I love TB clothes but have always found the flats uncomfortable. I have no idea about the Lacoste flats but I think they are a little plain.