Tory Burch Verona Satchel

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Haven't posted anything in a while, but came across Tory Burch's Verona Satchel at Nordstrom the other day. A lady was looking at it, and asked the sales associate if she could put her things in it to see how it would look. As you purse lovers know-- the structure of the bag (usually) changes when the stuffing is removed and your things are in it. Well, needless to say, it looked even better when it was weighed down with her things.

    Decided to purchase it online yesterday via Bloomies because of the 20% off Friends & Family Sale and waiting for it to arrive.

    What's everyones experience with Tory Burch handbags? Does anyone have this satchel? Have you ever used it as a crossbody (has that option). Here's the link to it from TB's website, although it does it no justice:

    Would love to hear your opinions and experiances! Thanks! ;)
  2. I think it's gorgeous! Love Tory Burch! I have a Tevin which is a little bigger and love it! Mine also has the crossbody strap but I've only used it so far without it. I love TB handbags and have found they are very good quality. Congrats on your handbag! Enjoy it! :biggrin:
  3. Wow...really pretty bag...I like TB bags....and I have not seen this one and just bought a price Prada that looks similar...let me know what you think of this....
  4. wow i like the looks of it! esp. in black :love:
  5. Love this bag, Tory Burch handbags are one of my favorites since they are all very reasonably priced and the quality is also really well made.
  6. i also just purchased this bag 2 days ago from bloomies with the 20% off - i got it in navy~ i've been waiting for a coupon just so i could buy it! checked it out at nordstrom first and loved it, the leather was so soft! what color did you order?
  7. It's pretty, good choice! Which colour did you go with?
  8. I chose the black and it's suppose to arrive sometime today! We'll see how it goes...

    I have a feeling this silhouette is popular for the season. Prada has something simillar and I believe Coach came out with a similar style-- the Sophia.

    In any case, I'll try to post some pics when it comes in-- thanks for the feedback everyone!