tory burch sandals

  1. does anyone already have the TB anya hurrache flats? are they comfortable for excessive walking if you live in the city?

    i only have one pair of TB shoes and they're revas (of course) and slightly tight, so i'm going to the 7.5 for whichever sandal i get. it's between these and the emmy, but the anya is winning me over because i can get them during bloomingdale's upcoming sale. i have not seen the black patent emmy (which is the only one i want) on sale anywhere, and do not see it on Saks site so i don't think i'll be able to snag it during F&F.

    any opinions?
  2. I wish I could help, but I'd love to know the answer, too! They're currently on sale at the TB website, too, but I just ordered a pair of BCBG Max Azria Gladiator Flats yesterday morning, so I'm reluctant to go for another pair of flat, strapped leather sandals. Are they too similar? And will these feel okay? I have a pair of black leather Reva's from 2 summers ago that I have worn to death because I love the look, but they are NOT the most comfortable shoes ever.
  3. Ooohh those are cute!
  4. Does anyone have the Miller 2 sandals? The ones with the metal logo? I just got them in the mail today and am wondering if anyone has experience with them. I walked around the house a bit and the metal piece does rub against my foot, but I can't tell how much of a problem it will be. I wanted a nude, specifically the nude patent, but they don't seem to make it anymore in the Miller 2 style. I ended up ordering the Royal Tan. What do you guys think of the color? I really want a neutral that will go with most anything (except black) and that isn't too brown. Should I keep them for $225? Thoughts?
  5. I got it in two different color (blue & nude) when it first came out. It was snugged, but after wearing it awhile it loosen up. Only problem I have with them is, it hurts so badly because the metal is rubbing against my skin. I'm okay with it, though. After all, pain is beauty. LOL
  6. I also would like to know will these slip out when I walk. If you know, please tell. :smile: