Tory Burch Sample Sale in NYC

  1. Tory Burch
    Date &Time: 6/12-6/15 (10-7 on Tuesday & Thursday; 10-6 on Wednesday & Friday)
    Address:261 W. 36th St., between Seventh & Eighth Aves., 2nd fl.

    it's being held at the same place the theory sample sale was this week. my mom went to the theory sale on the last day and she said she saw them setting up. from what she described, it sounds like they have REVA flats on sale! don't know the price on them though.
  2. I am so jealous I don't like in NY:crybaby:
  3. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i really hate that I dont live in NYC!!!
  4. Thank you for posting! I have been waiting to get those flats and now is the time :biggrin:
  5. My sister is at the sale right now and she says it is crazy. She got there at 9:45 and she is still not inside or even close!
  6. I need a nyc ladie to pm mmeeeeeee :graucho:
  7. I was considering going but I'm afraid of the lines.

    edit: p.s. did you know Tory Burch is dating Lance Armstrong?
  8. I think they have the reva flats that are clear on the sides and silver. thoughts?
  9. i dont like the silver with clear- it yellows
  10. will someone let us know what was there if you went? reva flats?????
  11. They had the straw revas but only in a couple of sizes- 5.5 and 10. They also had the audrey flats- the silver with the clear sides and both were 99. They also have sandals in red, navy and tan for 125.
  12. How was the clothing and handbag selection? I don't think I'm going to make this one, but am wondering anyway
  13. what are the straw revas?
  14. How much are they charing for the Revas? That is such a bad location for parking! I am going to attempt to go sometime this afternoon.
  15. i think 109