Tory Burch sale?

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  1. Does anyone know where i can find tory burch shoes on sale or if Tory burch is going to be having a sale soon?

  2. Bloomingdales F&F sale 20% off TB shoes - presale now, p/u 9/30
  3. Thanks!
  4. what code? or how do I avail of the F&F?
  5. Bloomies online code for 20% off: FALLFRIEND
    No code needed at store, just ask to presale.
  6. Drives me crazy that Bloomies wants to charge $16 for shipping though!
  7. Anyone picking up some revas - if you can get them at Nordstrom and price match, Nordies has free shipping on shoes right now! Beats the ridiculous shipping costs at Bloomingdales....
  8. What am I supposed to say when I call them to price match? I've never done that before.
  9. Just tell them that you'd like to price match an item being sold at Bloomingdales with their Friends & Family discount. They'll want to check that the item is in fact being sold at Bloomingdales, so you'll have to either tell them enough information so that they can look it up on the website, or you can print out the page and take it in store for them to match. I would bring your email as well, with the note about F&F starting early for some.
  10. cinderella, thanks for the info :biggrin:
  11. You're welcome! Happy shopping!
  12. I don't know hiow anyone else fared with price-matching, but Nordstroms online said they DON'T pricematch the Bloomys F&F sale-2 different SAstold me this. The SA IN the actual store said I could however...wish they were more consistent!
  13. It really just depends on who you get for an SA. I used to work there - they should definitely price match this promotion. If you have trouble with an SA, try asking for a manager or go up to customer service. Someone up higher will certainly help you.