Tory Burch Romy sizing

Jul 24, 2007
I finally received the backordered Tory Burch Romy this week. I ordered a 6.5 b/c when I tried on the Reva's, the 6.5 were perfect. However, I'm finding the Romy to be big. I tend to size up to a 7 for flats, but I'm debating if I should ship the 6.5 back to get a 6 instead. Anyone else have the Romy? Did you size down? Thanks
Nov 10, 2009
Charleston, SC
I'd size down b/c all of my flats always end up stretching out, and if they are even a little big to begin with, they slip off my heel-annoying! Here's a trick: if the 6s feel too tight at first, just put on a few pairs of socks and cram your feet into them for as long as you can stand it. It'll stretch them nicely!