Tory burch reveal! FIRST reveal everonpurse forum

  1. Honestly i thought my first would be a chanel...but that will have to wait until i save more $$$ wehh..

    Nontheless here it is!
    image-1987312737.jpg image-3611269097.jpg
  2. !!!!
    image-247667163.jpg image-3320977965.jpg
  3. This bag is GORGEOUS! I really need to try one on in person the next time I'm in the store. It seems to be a favorite among Tory Burch lovers

    Congrats on your beauty!!! For newbies can you list the bag name and color?
  4. congrats !! its a beauty :smile:
  5. Very nice!
  6. Very pretty!! I really love the color!
  7. wow I love it! Where did you find this? I thought it was all sold out by March... I tried looking for it but couldn't find it anywhere.
  8. Its a beauty, where did you find this? I went crazy for this color and it was sold out everywhere. Then hr only had black and orange.
  9. I saw this bag in Bloomies today.
  10. Yes! Sorry i should have mentioned earlier. This is the DOUBLE ZIP tote in COBALT blue from the robinson collection
  11. That color is really beautiful. Congrats!
  12. Very pretty color and I love the shape of the bag too !