Tory Burch Revas- Patent Leather Black or Silver??? HELP!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    For those of you who own or have seen either of these colors in person (patent leather black or silver), which do you prefer? Suggestions? Comments?

    I'm looking to buy a pair, but have to choose between one or the other.

  2. I bought the flat black leather and a silver pair just yesterday. I think I'd prefer the silver over the patent leather black....
  3. Definitely the silver! I have them and they are sooo cute!
  4. thanks for the feedback!

    diva- just wondering, do you prefer the flat black over silver?
  5. Girl, I couldn't decide between the flat black and the silver and ended up getting both! :sad:
  6. woohoo! thanks for the help! I just ordered a pair in silver from

    Free shipping with code "toryfs"

  7. The silver are much nicer
  8. i like the silver too
  9. I have had black leather for about 6 months. I loved them so much I bought silver a couple months ago. They hurt my feet so much I had to return them. For some reason I found the black leather much more comfortable. The silver gave my feet so many red marks.
  10. I have the python and LOVE them. Still breaking them in though.
  11. thanks for the feedback, kdb. I was afraid that the letter might be a little stiff, as it is metallic. We'll see how they fit when they come in.

    Other silver Reva owners- did you find the leather on your shoes to be uncomfortable also? I'm wondering now whether black would have been a better choice?
  12. ^ They require a little breaking in and maybe some moleskin to tape on a couple of parts that irritate your feet.
  13. I have the silver and am still breaking them in....silver is supposed to be the hot color for summer.
  14. I have the black patent, black with silver and silver. All of them hurt my feet at first - the most comfortable ones are the ones I have worn the most - patent!
  15. ^shoot, now you got me wanting the black patent also! :P

    do you have any problems with the patent leather scuffing?