Tory Burch Revas... over or not?

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  1. I've been thinking about buying a pair of revas for a while now, but would like to know the general consensus on them. They are very cute, but I don't want to buy something that I'm not going to be able to wear in a few weeks or few months. Unfortunately, I'm shopping on a budget, so if I could I would snap up a pair of those cute Lanvin or Chanel flats in a heartbeat!
  2. This question has been posted several times on the forum before, but I think most TPF'ers will tell you the ship has sailed.

    However, since I happen to think the Reva's are adorable and they fit my feet to a dream, I JUST ordered two more pair - in Grass Green and Orange. I already have black w/ gold and white w/ silver. The white ones are really cute, and they seem to be the most easily available right now. Most of the other colors are long gone in my size (7).

    So the answer to your question is it depends on what you like, not what is in style, IMO.
  3. A good pair of shoes that fit your feet and are comfortable never go out of style. Ballet flats are tough, since the cheaper ones make you feel like you are walking on cardboard.

    They're probably like Uggs now - classics. They may not be 'current' but they are stylish and comfortable.
  4. In my opinion, if you love the shoe and it's comfortable and you can work it into your wardrobe, it will never go out of season. Who cares what's in season? There's always going to be a new "it shoe". Wear what you love and wear it with confidence and you can wear it forever.
  5. I wondered about this 2 days ago when deciding what shoes to wear while shopping. After a short debate, I decided to wear them and was very happy because it ended up being a LONG night and they are my most confortable shoe! Although I orginally purchased the shoe when it was "in style" I think it will become one of my all time favorite shoe and won't care when/if it becomes taboo to wear
  6. I say buy them if you like them. Very comfy and classic flats. I doubt they'll ever go out of style. :smile:
  7. I think even thought they were 'hot' for a moment, they're still classic.
    They're basic ballet flats w/ a medallion. . . classic IMO.
  8. I'm going to have to try a pair on next time I'm shopping, they look really comfortable
  9. I agree that while the "It" shoe trend ship might have sailed, these are classic ballet flats with a medallion on the front. There is nothing about them that cannot be worn this year or next or the year after because you cannot go wrong with a ballet flat.
  10. I'm trying on a pair tomorrow and I so hope they'll fit. I need some for a trip to Italy and flats just look wrong on me and never feel good.
    I am not a trnedy gal and don't care if they're still "hot" or not.:shrugs:
  11. i believe the revas were a trendy phase but over all they'll always be classic, comfortable footwear. like the others have mentioned, Uggs were also once a trend, but now everyone wears it for comfort.
  12. thanks to everyone for their feedback!! i have definitely changed my view on these and agree that it doesn't matter if they are in or not! i will be on the lookout for these the next time i go shopping!
  13. go for it!! :tup: I'm addicted to those flats cause they're the most comfortable flats ever! and like everyone said, they're classics.
  14. i love them... i have a few pairs. i say get them. i dont think they are out at all.
  15. What's 'in' or not is irrelevant. If you are going on a trip and you're doing a lot of walking, ensure you get a shoe with a lot of support. Especially for some of the European sidewalks. I know that my heels are narrow and that the Revas tend to slip off the back of my foot sometimes. You may also wish to try some Cole Haan flats with Nike Air bottoms. They're cute, they are comfortable, and they have good support. And they may be better if you're on your feet a lot - the sole is a lot thicker.