Tory Burch Revas - Has the ship sailed?

  1. I'm wanting TB Reva flats in new fun Spring colors - orange, grass green, and white. I already have black w/ gold and gold w/gold, and I'm definitely not crazy about the new one's with the emblem the same color as the shoes.

    Am I nuts for wanting to spend money on a style that is nearly 2 years old?
  2. I dunno..I personally think they are out. (and yes I am the type of person that subsribes to trends going in and out of I mean..when they first came out EVERYONE and their mother ( bought them. I feel like the TBs have been worn to death. personally, I am sick of seeing them everywhere. Especially when I see young girls, like 11 years old wearing them.

    I think you can find better. I love Tory Burch's other shoes..she has other cute flats besides the Revas.
  3. i think they are out too, but if i can find black Bal fw06 boots <500$ i'll pay. :]
  4. Never liked those shoes but for some reason Selfridges in London has just got them in and they have about 5 colours??!!
  5. can i see a picture of them??
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I still wear them! They are very comfortable. They are now making them with the medallion in the same color as the shoe (see below) so that the medallion is hardly noticeable. This makes the shoe look much less dated. These are the ones I get now.

  8. I wear mine all the time. I never see anyone where I live w/ them. I have brown and green.
  9. I bought the Reese instead, and they are just as comfortable and a little more undercover since the medallion is on the back ! :yes:
  10. I'm just not a fan of the matching color medallion. Don't know why.
  11. I think the ship has sailed. I bought mine in the fall of 2006...where I live, they are not that cool anymore.
    There are so many other cute ballet flats around!

  12. I love everyone's honesty. That's why I ask. So what do you suppose is the next "Reva" in the fashion world? I have plenty of ballerinas, but not that are hot.

    What's the hottest ballet flat now days?
  13. I think they're over, but I do like the new colors, and I agree with Hitchcock Blonde that they look less dated when the medallion is the same color as the shoe.

    I think the Ferragamo Varina is the new Reva. Saks has them, and there are a couple of threads in this forum that talk about them. They're very cute, and probably much better made. Ferragamo makes great shoes.
  14. I think the Lanvin ones are hottest especially as there are such awesome colours and leathers this season. The Lanvin ones are pretty much totally flat though and the soles are very thin so you need to have something put on the bottom to make them last longer.

    Of course the Lanvin ones are considerably more than the TB ones. Lanvins start at around $450
  15. I personally dislike these in any colour aside from the classic black with gold medallion. I think in those colours they're not really out.