Tory Burch Reva

  1. Has anyone seen the Tory Burch Reva flat in regular black leather with the Silver Charm logo?

    I have only seen the gold and I don't wear any gold... :sad:

    Please PM, if you've seen any. Thanks!
  2. try they had some in stock 2 days ago.:smile:
  3. I saw some at Neiman Marcus Cusp awhile ago, but maybe only in silver w/black patent...sorry I can't remember.
  4. What size do you need?
  5. Thanks everybody!
    Do they run small?

    I'm normally an US 8.
  6. ^^^I am usually a size 9 and I had a 8.5 in them and they stretched w/ wear (I only wore them like 10-15 times though before i sold them). When I tried on the 9, my heel was coming out and I have medium width feet by the way. I would say get a US 8 b/c most people in other threads feel they run true to size. I would go w/ the majority in this case b/c maybe I'm just weird. lol
  7. I just looked, none of my links have your size, and Bloomies does not either. Where are you located? I would just call a Saks, NM, somewhere preferably w/ no tax and have them send it to you if you can't get to the store.

    Some places will even comp the shipping, just depends on the SA and the story policy. Good luck!
  8. Revas run a tad big IMO but most folks say they are TTS. Def call Bloomies. The one on 59th Street in NYC had them as of last Thursday.