Tory Burch Reva...or Prada...or Chanel?


Tory Burch Reva...or Prada...or Chanel?

  1. Tory Burch Revas

  2. Prada gold metallic flats

  3. Chanel flats

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  1. I just got my Saks Reward card and I think I want to buy a pair of flats with it! I'm usually a bag girl so this will be my first pair of designer shoes. :shame: I can't decide between the Tory Burch Revas or the new Prada gold metallic flats I saw on Saks. I've also been considering Chanel flats. Ahhh, what to do?
    toryburch.jpg prada.jpg
  2. It depends on how much you're willing to spend, and your clothing style. The "ultimate" would be Chanel first, then Prada, and then Tory Burch. Chanel is classic and timeless but costs more than Tory Burch, which is new and trendy now. I'm not sure if Tory Burch will be around or still popular in 10 years, but you know that Chanel and Prada will be always be in style.
  3. You do make a good point! I'm very casual. Usually jeans and a t-shirt, or another top, depending on where I'm going. So I was thinking the Tory Burch Revas would be more my style. But the Pradas are adorable. And Chanel, like you said, is the ULTIMATE! I'm bad at making decisions.
  4. I'm pretty casual too and I just ordered the black revas w/ silver logo. My budget isn't quite "Chanel" yet, but that would obviously be my choice if I could afford it!
  5. I like the prada better! But I love them both!
  6. Love the Torys. I don't know how long flat rounded toe shoes are going to be in style, so I don't think I would spend the money on the chanels or Pradas.
  7. i'd go for the pradas....the chanels are too popular, i'm not into the torys, while the pradas are so chic and classy!and will never be out of style!;)
  8. i voted for the chanel. the prada don't look all that special.
  9. I voted for the Tory Burch Reva. The Prada doesn't seem anything special and I love the looks of the Torys. I didn't know who they were by nor that they were popular, but saw them one two ladies in the NYC just walking by and I fell in love. I later found out it was the reva flats. I used my Saks gift card to purchase a gold w/gold logo and also got a black w/gold logo as a gift during xmas. I don't know how the Chanel ones look, so I can't comment there. :smile:
  10. I say save some more and buy Chanel - I just bought ballet flats in the style of the Prada for 70 euro - about $100? So my point is you can find this style for less and chanel will last.
  11. i LOVE this :
  12. I have the Reva's pictured (black/gold logo) and love them. I wear them to death, actually.

    I've had the Chanel ballet flats and like the TB much better.
  13. I just sold my Tory Revas in gold. Here in NYC you have 11 year olds walking around in them because they are not that expensive...once that happens I must move on from that trend. My opinion always is...if you are going to do something, it right. Without a doubt the classic Chanel ballet flat is the way to go and if you ever tire of them they retain their value much better than Prada at the resale level. My guess is once you have them you will keep them forever. I still remember the day I purchased my first is a right of passage for any fashionista.
  14. Somehow I loveeeee the Revas... I have 2 now (gold n silver) but I have been wanting a black one with silver logo, which I haven't managed to locate it yet... It's sold out in Atlanta's Tory Burch store.

    PS: As much as I love Chanel (and it's definitely a classic!), for my age (I'm in my early 20s), it's a little bit too old. Somehow everytime I tried on a Chanel flats, my boyfriend would always comment "Ewww..."

    So it depends on what's your preference really. Also, IMO, Reva is more comfortable than Chanel...
  15. not fond of the label smack in the center of the no prada, but i like the chanel.