Tory Burch Reva HELPPP!!!

  1. Hi everyone!!
    I need help finding Black Leather w/ SILVER emblem Reva ballet. I ordered them from Bloomingdales but they are backordered....i got an e-mail telling me today that they will probably be shipped around JULY 2!!!! Thats wayyyyyyy too long for me to wait! HELPPP!!! :crybaby: :cursing:
  2. You can try calling the Tory Burch hotline at 866-480-8679. The website might also have them. Good luck...
  3. also, try Nordstrom!
  4. www.Shopbop,com! Love the site, I believe they have them (and also the cute leopard ones which I own and are impossible to find on the Tory Burch site)! HTH!

  5. I would also try calling individual Tory Burch stores to see if they have one. I know the one in Atlanta has them in stock, and they will ship them to you. :smile:
  6. I physically called every Tory Burch boutique in the US until I found my size/style. I found mine in Dallas and they shipped them out the same day. I would also suggest checking out an on-line store called Plaza Too, they had them when I was looking, just not in my size.
  7. Check eBay. I often see Tory Burch shoes there that are brand new.
  8. What size do you need?
  9. Thanks everyone!!!!
    I need a size 8....thats the size of my TB Coconut ones, so im guessing ill be the same size in the leather ones. The site has them, but has anyone bought from there? Are they really in stock or they just saying they are? Im going to go to one more mall tom. then ill start calling places. I just get anxious when i order things...i dont feel like waiting until whenever Bloomingdales has them to ship to me. July is a bit too long to wait dont u think?
  10. Congrats! I love that color combo you ordered. I think you should be able to cancel the order now, that way they won't charge your cc.
  11. Thanks for the tip, I bought some at Shopbop!
  12. Thanks everyone that helped!!
    Just a heads up.....they came out with a new clear pair that are very cute...check it out on
    I got an e-mail from them. Very cute...clear is in for spring/summer!