Tory Burch Reva Flats

  1. I know there was a post about these before but... they got a bunch of new colors in and i can't decide what to get! for any of you that have them.. which do you like better the silver logo or the gold? the gold isn't one of those gold that looks so yellow and ugly it looks cheap(do you know what i mean) is it? do you like the black better w/ the gold or the silver? what is your favorite out of the bright colors and what colors do you wear them with? sorry long post.. but TIA

  2. I don't have any, but I like the black with silver and the lime green with gold. Good luck choosing!
  3. How does sizing work with these shoes? I wear a 6.5 in Prada and Manolo Blahnik, but my feet are pretty wide. I can't wear the Manolo ballet flats because they're too narrow. TIA!
  4. I have black patents with black patent crosses. I love them! I'm between a 7 and a 7.5, and I wear 7.5 in these. Hope that helps.
  5. I have black w/ yellow gold. They are amazing! I wear them all the time. So comfy!! I wear and 6 1/2 normally and I wear 6 1/2 in these.
    I love the new red w/ yellow and the silver w/ silver.
  6. thanks for all your help! just ordered them in white w/ silver and silver w/ silver... forgot i had already gotten black patent jimmy choos that i love.. anyway thanks again!! im so excited, hope they are really as comfortable as everyone says!
  7. I love them and I have yet to get them but I will before the spring.
  8. I actually like the navy and the red--both good for spring, IMO
  9. Just ordered these - I hope they work. I bought them for sightseeing in London.
    reva zebra flat.jpg
  10. i looove the zebra print!! and i love the navy and red too... i have a feeling i will be owning every color pretty soon! haha
  11. she had some orange and navy scarf print ones that had a big round gold buckle on them that I liked.:yes:
  12. I love the red ones. Personally I prefer the gold logo to the silver one.
  13. Those are way cute!
  14. I personally love them in black leather with the gold emblem. The gold is pretty, it definately does not look cheap, etc. The shoe does seem to run slightly narrow but I got my normal size and it has been fine.

    Good luck, they seem to sell out FAST everywhere.... so scoop up what can can ASAP.

    PS: there is a pretty good picture of them in my collection thread if you wanted to look
  15. I just bought the black with gold HW at the TB boutique. They only had gold GW with the black and the only pair with silver HW was a dark navy.

    They are really comfy and run true to size. I have pretty wide feet and they're fine.