Tory Burch Reva Flats, Break in period question?

  1. I just got my first pair of Reva's and I LOVE them, However, They are killing the my feet :crybaby: the top part of the shoe mainly by the top of my pinky toe hurts when i have them on, I just got them this morning and only have worn them about 10 mins around the house. I dont want to go wear them out in fear that I will die, lol

    Do these shoes typically break in or is this abnormal? The length is right so I know they are my size. They are leather and I know leather stretches with wear but will this part stretch too or are my feet just to thick? lol

    So sad.. :cry::sad:
  2. I think all flats have to be broken in - I have a pair of channel leather flats that hurt like crazy if I wear them for too long but they've stretched out little by little. It's the toe area on mine too so I'm thinking just have the toe box stretched out?
  3. What type of leather did you buy?

    I have five pairs of Tory flats and found out that calf skin are the most comfortable and don't need that long of a break in period (maybe a day of two of continuous wear. I do find that if I wear them all day - 12+ hours, the elastic part in the back digs into my heel and leaves a dent.) Patent leather, on the other hand, is very "tight" and hurts my pinky toe like crazy with long periods of wear even though I've had them for years. I found buying a half size up helps. Even though it's slightly bigger, the elastic parts keep the flat on tight. I also have other leathers like stingray and reptile which took about a week or two of continuous wear to fully break in.

    Hope this helps.
  4. My TB flats are really uncomfortable if I don't wear tights or socks with them.
  5. Also, I definitely think Revas are for narrower feet...
  6. I have really narrow feet so haven't experienced the toe problem. The back of my flats give me blisters all the time if I walk much of a distance.

    To be honest I have never had a pair that are completely broken in.. no matter how much I wear them

    They are cute though so I just try to put up with it :smile:
  7. I find wearing them around with thick socks for a day or two breaks them in well. My pinkie toe got a huge blister when I first wore them out before I tried the socks thing.
  8. I think it is normal to have a break in period. Just put a bandaid or blister block on your toe until it gets used to the shoe.
  9. My TB flats took a month or two to break into it. It was worth it though, they're really comfortable now!
  10. I just got these in the mail (on sale, no less!!!):yahoo: SO happy-

    I have been eyeing them awhile and they are just as cute as can be. I never war flats, because I find them uncomfortable, but with the price on these I couldn't resist. :p

    I have worn them for two short sessions (walking a block to the store and back) and they are killing me! I ordered a 1/2 size larger, and they are a teensy too long- but the front part of the shoe is super tight. I did notice a small bit of improvement between the two wearings.

    I was also wondering how long the breaking in period would be- I worry that because the Camo Revas are canvas over leather they will not stretch much.

    Anyone have experience breaking in Revas of canvas and leather?
  11. I have a pair that I really like a lot, but the medallion presses against my toes when I try to wear it so it goes right back into it's box.
  12. Same here! My DH looks at me like I'm nuts because I walk around the house in fluffy socks and my Revas, but it works!
  13. This is exactly what I did but by accident. I bought a pair to go to NY to wear and I thought it would take only one or 2 days to break them in BUT it was so cold there, I just wore them around the house as a pair of slippers and walla! Now they are uber comfy.
  14. That's what I've been doing too. Thick sports sock and super cute Revas. I'd never do this in public though.

  15. Would rather chew sand than do that in public...LOL:lol: