Tory Burch Reva= Comfortable?

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  1. [​IMG]
    opinions on comfort, quality, and sizing please!
  2. Ditto, I'm curious too.
  3. I saw them at Nordstrom locally, but didn't try them on either. I did pick them up and they seem VERY comfy.
  4. I just bought a black pair monday at Saks and wore them wednesday loved them so much that I went and scooped up the orange and the navy blue. FYI if you can find these shoes in your size and you want them buy them immediatly. They are selling out everywhere fast. 4 days have gone buy and when I went back to buy the orange and navy at Saks they were sold out of all but 2 pair of green were left.
  5. Oh, thanks SO much for the info!:yes:

    Do they run true to size and is the leather really soft and flexible??
  6. I got a pair of the black patent ones, they are sooo comfy!!! and super cute!
  7. I recently bought a pair of the tory burch flats and wanted to help anyone who is curious about their sizing. Before I orderd my shoes, I had a hard time finding any info on the fit, ect., so I wanted to add my comments.

    First and foremost, these shoes are extremely comfortable and have a nice cushy rubber sole. The leather is very soft. I bought the black leather with the gold medallion. I am almost always a true 7.5, but decided to order these shoes in an 8 because usually when the back of a shoe is elasticized, such as these are, the fit is a little tighter on me. I've also found that in a lot of leather flats I've needed to go a size up. I have a fairly average width foot, maybe a tiny bit wider than average. The size 8 fit me perfectly and I think the 7.5 would have crushed my foot across the toe box. Also, my left foot is a tiny bit bigger than my right, so this is another reason why the size 8 fit me perfect.

    I do think though that if you have narrow feet you should order you normal shoe size. My best friend wears a size 8, but has narrow feet. She tried my 8s on and they fit her perfectly and she thinks the 8.5 would be too big. However, if you plan to get the patent leather, you still may want to go a size up as patent leather has no give and usually feels a little tighter.

    Hope this helps!
  8. YES, I can vouch! If you are lucky enough to find them in your size... BUY BUY BUY!!! :nuts: I was on a HUNT for the black leather in a size 11. Well, you wouldn't think size 11 would sell out very fast but guess what.... TOTALLY SOLD OUT! :wtf: I called all the Tory Burch boutiques and finally found them in Dallas, who then took my order over the phone and shipped them out second day (should arrive tomorrow :yahoo: )

    There is a website called Plaza Too that might have some left in stock, check there. It's plaza too

    My friend has them and said they were AMAZING, good luck in your search!

    PS: I started this thread several days ago on the same topic:
  9. Just received mine today! they fit awesome, and exactly to size!

    there they are on the left! :heart:
  10. I went down a half size.

    ^Thats a nice bag. Who makes it?
  11. I tried them on, but liked them less than the Dior ballet flats I tried on at the same time. Both had nice leather but the Dior flats fit (me) better. I ended up not getting either, though, and went with heels instead.
  12. BTW when I was shopping I saw two other shoppers wearing them, so they must like them!
  13. I bought them in navy blue (with white gold hardware). I wear a 6.5 but they didn't have them so I got a 7. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable.
  14. I just bought these in brown, and I think they fit true to size.
  15. i was wondering... what color brown is it? chocolate?