Tory Burch reva ballet!

  1. :yahoo:

    Soo happy. I've been contemplating for awhile to get either a London Sole or Tory Burch. Finally made my mind to get Tory Burch! :yes: I was gonna order online but I checked Saks online then I realized I'm a few blocks from Saks NY lol. Sooo I bought my first (I'm sure its not the last!) Tory Burch reva's in silver. I wanna get the gold but they don't have it on my size (5.5). I might just get them online instead.

    They are very lovely and comfy!!! I would just like to share the pics... I will take more better pictures when I get home. Pardon the unofficial sidekick phone picture. :shame:



  2. ooh, the silver's so cute! i just got the gold, and i LOVE them! only tip: don't wear them out for a full day of shopping on the first feet were def. not happy :smile: but now they fit perfectly & are super comfy. enjoy!!
  3. I love the gold too! Thanks for the tip shoppingismycard!!! I'll def keep that in mind. :yes:
  4. How much do these run?? I'm curious about trying them!
  5. they're sooo cute. love them in any metallic. do they have any cushioning inside?
  6. They look adorable :smile:
  7. Congrats! They look so cute.
  8. Congrats... !!! You'll def love it...

    I have actually the gold and the silver... Now I'm thinking of getting one in black..
  9. Oh I love those! I need a silver pair!
  10. Congrats- they are adorable!
  11. it's so beautiful!!im thinking to get myself the black one:smile:
  12. Oh I'm thinking of getting a pair too. I'm a size 38.5 so should I get a size 8 or 8.5? Do they run big? Thanks in advance! =)
  13. I love those so much! The color is gorgeous. I ordered a black pair but unfortunately my foot is too wide for the Revas. :sad: And I sized up!
  14. Beautiful!
  15. [​IMG]


    Thanks ladies! :yes:

    Here's the pictures from my digital.. IDK if it do justice but I looove em! :yahoo:

    They fit true to size, I'm a size 5.5 and these flats is 5.5. They have a lil cusion too. Its $195.00.