Tory Burch Reva ballet slippers?

  1. I've been thinking about getting a pair of Tory Burch shoes.

    What do you guys think about the Reva ballet shoes? Are they comfortable? Are you getting tired of the big metal medallion? Any good online deals on them?

    TIA for your reviews!!:rolleyes::p
  2. I own a few pairs and I like them; I think they are really comfortable too. I always get compliments on them as well. I have read that some people think they are on their way out, but I don't know. I won't be banishing them anytime soon.

    I haven't seen any good deals on them other than eBay, but I personally wouldn't buy on eBay unless it was a reputable seller because they are often faked. I have seen exact copies or damn close as a good friend of mine owns a high end shoe boutique here on the beach and he has ones that look VERY similar to them. Of course, he sells them for a fraction of the price though and doesn't advertise them as TB.

    You can find some places that don't charge tax and offer free shipping so even that little bit helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. :smile:

    What color were you thinking of?
  3. Thanks for your review! I cannot believe they have fake ones! I'm glad you told me about those because I was looking on eBay for them..ugh. :confused1: I really hate the 'fake industry.'

    Anyways, I'm thinking about getting basic black for my first pair but I'm debating on the medallion vs. silver vs. black medallion. I also like the textured leather, snake embossed i think?

    Do you have any patent leather pairs? Is the leather not as soft?
  4. I have seen "inspired ones" and have been told there are fake ones. It doesn't surprise me considering these people can fake everything and anything. They are so quick these days!

    You can still find a legitimate pair on Ebay; I just get frustrated looking and don't bother with designer stuff on there in general. LOL If i'm going to spend the cash, I would rather just buy from a reputable seller. I would suggest trying them on at a department store to see what fits you best too. I had to size down in these (a half size), b/c of the stretch to them. I didn't want them slipping off of me when I was walking, know what I mean? But, some people have more narrow feet, wider, etc so just try them on somewhere if you plan on purchasing them online.

    The first pair I bought were a black regular leather pair w/ the gold. Then, I bought white w/ silver. I kinda wish I had bought black (regular leather, not patent) on black instead of the black with gold, but oh well. I stayed away from the patent b/c I didn't want to scuff them up and I wanted to leave myself more options with just the regular leather. I am not a big tennis shoes person, so when I have to wear scrubs (I'm a medical student), I sometimes opt for the Revas. LOL

    I'm kinda digging the new Quinn ones, you know the ones that are quilted, but I wear heels more so I haven't bought them yet. I may though later in the fall. K, enough rambling. hehe
  5. oh my gosh! i'm a medical student too! :nuts:

    this website is totally getting in the way of my step 2 studying. :confused1::confused1:

    i'm not so fashionable with my footwear in my scrubs. i'm usually in my dansko clogs. i'm afraid of vomit, blood soiling my shoes but i guess it depends on the environment.

    good luck with school!!
  6. That is crazy. haha

    Yeah this website is getting in the way of my Step 2 studying too!!!

    Yeah I don't wear them all the time I wear scrubs...depends on what rotation I'm doing.

    Good luck too!

    Let me know what you end up deciding on. :smile:
  7. Please use the search feature in this forum and you will see a lot of your questions answered about the Reva.
  8. i've seen VERY similar versions by steve madden and juicy if you want a cheaper alternative.