Tory Burch, Reva ballet flats!!! Pics pls

  1. i would love to see these flats..anyone have pics...comments, modeling pics or otherwise????
  2. I have a pair, but I probably won't buy another. I think the fit is a bit tricky since there is elastic at the heel. Even though my shoes are a bit big on me, the elastic can start to dig in after a while. I have the same problem with elasticized slingbacks.

    For comfort, I prefer a more structured shoe. They're very flat, and I find a small (10mm or so) heel to be far more comfortable.

    I do think the bright colors are cute, but I think you could do much better if you're just looking for a basic black or brown.
  3. I don't have pics, but I have tons of them and find them very comfortable. The heeled version, the Amy, is very comfortable for me, too.

    They are everywhere nowadays so I bet if you did a Google search for pictures you would find them on a bunch of celebrities :smile:
  4. hi anyone knows where i can get Tory Burch in S'pore? Thanks!!