Tory Burch Quinn flats $89 at Saks

  1. Those are so cute. I have been wanting a pair, but these aren't in my size.
  2. So cute!
  3. Damn, those are the exact ones I've been looking for! And not in my size!

    Booooooo! Hahhaha.
  4. omg thats my size...and its ALL GONE! NOO
  5. For once, I wish I had feet that big.
  6. thats an amazing deal!!
  7. aww i wanted those.
  8. looking at this makes me so depressed...

    ahh if anyone finds another pair of those in a 9.5 or 10...please letme know!
  9. Great deal! I wish they had my size (7)
  10. this pair is so comfortable.. got one in gold..
    if it's available, i probably be getting another one.. and it is my size.. lol..
  11. soooo cute and great price. Thanks for posting!
  12. Darn! I wish I was a 9.5 shoe size. :crybaby:

    Thanks for posting!
  13. thats a crazy price!
  14. those are so cute! I hope someone here scored - I would have loved to but I'm a smaller size.