Tory Burch Private Sale - Up to 70% Off

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  1. thanks! wish they had the miller flats though...
  2. Does anyone know how the shoes fit? True to size? runs small? All sales are final so I need to know. Thanks!
  3. The maddies that I have fit true to size.
  4. I think the flats run a 1/2 size small. (ballet)
  5. Is there free shipping?
  6. There's some really good prices, but unfortunately I already own everything I wanted...
  7. What about the sandals, are they also TTS? Thanks!
  8. I bought the Daniela Thong from Cusp a few weeks back. I think they run 1/2 size small. It's actually in between true to size and 1/2 size down, but definitely looser than a normal fit. Hope that helps. Any insights on how the Vaughn sandals fit? Are they comfy? TIA!
  9. ^^^
    the sandals definitely run a 1/2 size small this year. i have the brizas and bought a 7 1/2 because that's all bloomingdale's had left during the private sale way back in march and they fit perfectly. i usually wearing a 7 in plain leather revas and a 7 1/2 in the patent, which are tight on me in the 7.

    i love the brizas, but honestly they aren't that comfortable if you live in the city and walk a lot. i can last about 3-4 hours in them and then i need them OFF of my feet. since the daniellas are the same sole, i imagine they'd be the same, although i am very tempted at that price.

    did anyone score the super cheap swimsuits?! those were a steal!
  10. most of the stuff i want is sold out!
  11. does anyone have the hadley boots or has tried them on before? they look fabulous but i'm indecisive about them.
  12. FYI, shipping is $15 for orders over $50. That kind of kills the deal for me...
  13. must resist!! i really want to save up for fall. great deals though, and thankfully most of the stuff i like is sold out.
  14. Not usually a fan of the purses, but the burlap reva clutch is super cute. But still too expensive for me right now after taxes and shipping.