Tory Burch Patti

  1. Hi ladies..I just wanted to share with you guys the shoes i just bought..I recieved them today in the mail.And i'm in love..They are so cute :yahoo:. What do you guys think?? I'm also thinking about buying the Reva too..Do you guys think i should buy those too?
    Tory Burch -Patti Wedge- Black Patent.jpg
  2. Those are cute!
  3. are they comfy? can u pls show us pics you wearing it...

  4. Yes they are super comfy..I can't believe how comfy they are..I will take pictures tonight and post them..
  5. OMG i just had to left a message to tell all you guys how comfy these shoes are. I was on my feet all day at work for like 9.5 hrs... And my feet feel great. I am so happy with my purchase..
  6. They are cute.
  7. I love this shoe! I want it!!! Unfortunately I've been doing too much shopping, so I'm trying to resist. A great choice, I have a pair of Revas but I think I prefer Patti.
  8. They are pretty hard to find. Where did you get them.
    Can you show picture with them on.
  9. I like those!
  10. I saw those on bloomingdales website. Very cute.
  11. Love those! can you show us a pic of them on?

    I just purchased a pair of revas and am waiting for them to come in, but I am seriously considering getting a pair of Pattis also!
  12. Thanks everyone i love them..I got them at .. They shipped them so fast i got them in 2 days and that was ground shipping.. I have a coupon if anyone wants it it's SPRING07.. I think it still works i'm not sure..I will post pic of me wearing them.
  13. Are they true to size ?
  14. Got mine from a few weeks ago. Most compfortable slide I've ever had. I where them with everything.
  15. Hi, I just ordered a pair of these from for only 75.00 or so, but now I'm having second thoughts that they're already out of style, I'm now reading reviews from a year ago. If you own these, can you tell me the pros and cons on them. Thanks so much...