Tory Burch Patti wedge, miller sandal which style/color


Dec 22, 2006
I just bought a bunch of tory burch shoes during Saks FF sale and can't decide what to keep! I really should limit myself to 2 pairs, maybe 3...Help!
Again comfort is super important for me so please take that into consideration! :smile:

Patti wedge in "royal tan" leather
Patti wedge in "bleach" leather
Miller thong sandal in "coconut brown" leather
Miller thong sandal in "black patent" leather
Reva in "mouse grey" leather with nickel logo medallion
Reva in "black" patent with patent logo medallion
Reva in "black" leather with silver logo medallion
Reva in "black" leather with gold logo medallion

Just fyi...I have a black Chanel cerf bag, chanel dark silver reissue (08), matte black with vintage silver hw, and a bunch of monogram LV bags!
I'm really liking the patti wedge but im not sure if i should wait for another color in a future season but teh leather on this wedge in TDF!

What is everyones favorite style and color?


Sep 10, 2007
I would stick to the black Revas with the silver medallion (personally I think the silver is cuter than the gold, and also goes with more) and the Miller sandals in (dare I say) BOTH colors. I LOVE those shoes. I would just advise to walk around and make SURE your Revas don't tear up your feet- I had to return mine b/c after one day I had more blisters on my feet than I've ever had in my entire life! Good luck!


OG - but it’s been awhile
Feb 5, 2009
I have the brown millers and they can be worn with everything! I love them! I would also agree with getting them in both colors. I would get them in black too if I had some extra money right now. I want to get some Revas but I am worried about heel blisters. I would say get those in black with the silver medallion. You don't sound sure about the wedges, so maybe you should wait on a new color unless the sale was too good to pass up.

So my final list for you:
Miller sandals in Brown
Reva flats in black leather with silver logo