Tory Burch Outlet

  1. New Tory Burch Outlet at Woodbury Commons in NY.

    I bought Reva flats in mustard for $165 (orig.195). Not a big difference but still better than retail. They had a few bags. Not sure what they were though.
  2. Thanks for the post! I need a new pair of revas and can't find a discounted pair ANYWHERE! I'll take what I can get and 15% off is better than retail price!
  3. Do they do charge sends? I'm assuming they would since all other stores do, but just curious!

    Thanks for the info. :smile:
  4. Not sure but heres their number: Tory Burch (845) 928-2886
  5. I just called and was told that there is a $15 shipping charge.
  6. i just called, they have in revas:

    zebra print, yellow, purple, dark brown, gold and green
  7. xmargiee...I looked at the store listings at the woodbury outlet and there's a Chanel store--is that a retail store??
  8. It stinks:tdown:
  9. this is great news! $15 shipping is not so bad either :smile:
  10. They will only ship within the US in case anyone is wondering
  11. all the stores listed are outlet stores. and z&j is right ... the chanel outlet stinks.
  12. HOWEVER, the NM Last Call and the Saks Off Fifth Outlets are AMAZING! I've found Chanel, Burberry, Manolo, etc. at both of them. Love, love, love Woodbury :smile:
  13. just wondering if anybody knows how much the boots are at the outlet? thankss
  14. This store isn't really new. The last time I was there was memorial day weekend and it was there. I was also there before then, on my way back or home from school - dont remember if it was winter or springbreak but it was there then too.
  15. I never knew there was a Tory Burch outlet! I've been trying to look for some boots.