Tory Burch online shoppers - how long does it take to receive shipping confirmation?

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  1. I ordered some flats on July 2nd and got the order confirmation, but haven't gotten anything related to a shipping confirmation. I checked out without creating an account so there's no way to view my order history.

    How long does it usually take to get the shipping confirmation? Thanks!
  2. Why don't you call them directly? Remember, you ordered right before the July 4th holiday (July 3), so maybe wait until Wednesday of this week for a shipping confirmation. Did you give your e-mail address when you placed the order?

    What did you get? Revas? I just bought my first pair but from another online website that offered free shipping and no tax. Took a few days after I place the order to get the shipping notice.
  3. Definitely call. If you don't get a shipping confirmation pretty quickly, it usually means they canceled your order. This has happened to me twice.
  4. I haven't received ANYTHING from them, even that they've cancelled my order. Wouldn't they bother to tell you?

    (I am having all kinds of issues with TB. I ordered shoes that rung up as part of the sale but weren't supposed to be part of the sale. I called before buying to verify and the person I spoke with told me if they rung up as part of the sale, they'd be part of the sale. I waited over an hour for them to fix the website, then ordered them. This is why I am getting annoyed).
  5. Nope, they don't. Which is why I say call. I had to call to find out my belt and shoes had been canceled. I am over ordering directly from I pretty much get my Revas, etc. from other places.
  6. how about price adjustment, how long does it take?
  7. Not sure, they usually do it over the phone immediately in my experience. HTH.
  8. I called the other day and they said that my order was being filled and that I was definitely getting everything because they had been "allocated" for me..but still no shipping confirmation. I guess I need to wait it out. Thanks!